Wholesale Supplier For Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Giving corporate gifts is a concept easy to understand. As its name implies, it simply means distributing gifts within a business, or during certain occasions. In most instances, the employer gives out presents to employees and business stakeholders.

Ever been to large conferences or corporate golf events in Singapore? Those goody bags you received at the event are examples of corporate gifts and may contain items like caps, t-shirts or portable batteries. You might have received gifts from previous employers bearing your name, like a pen or a keychain.

These are customised corporate gifts, which are unlike the typical gifts bought from wholesale suppliers and mass distributed during large events. Other than customised gifts, you can also give out premium gifts or eco-friendly gifts like reusable grocery bags.


There are many reasons that should compel you to distribute corporate gifts. One reason stands out: to give people something that reminds them of your company. Receiving a token of gratitude or even a simple gift from a corporate event will be something to remember your company by.

Even generic gifts distributed during corporate events can earn you some goodwill amongst attendees. A pen with a unique design could become a permanent fixture on their desks or even a conversation starter which reminds them of an event hosted by your company. Corporate gifts fulfil a larger purpose than just presents. They can serve as tools to better maintain networks between yourself, various stakeholders and partners in your company while doubling up as marketing tools. By choosing your corporate gifts carefully, you can turn them into tools that will give your brand greater exposure.

There is an endless number of occasions where you can distribute corporate gifts. Be it to commemorate, to network or to show gratitude, there is always a need to consider corporate gifts and what to exchange.

Formal corporate events such as business networking sessions will often see the exchange of corporate gifts. In these events, corporate gifts will usually come in the form of stationary or everyday office items, customised with the brands of each company. For more personal events, it is more likely that customised gifts will be given out. These may come in the form of gift cards or lanyards or maybe even planners.

Weddings of different cultures and traditions generally have one thing in common: an unspoken rule to exchange gifts between the hosts and their guests. Most, if not all, weddings will give out some gift or another to guests. Gifts customised to celebrate the wedding are given out to guests, to thank them and provide a memento.

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