14 Fashionable And Inexpensive Corporate Gifts In Singapore

November 12, 2019

Every working professional will come across a time where they have one question in mind – What could you bring to your colleagues or business partners that could promote higher productivity, motivate collaboration, improve partnerships, and simply show that you care? However small scale problem this may seem, we completely understand just how stressful and nightmarish this situation could be even when you have tried to prep yourself. To save you the hassle, we went on a quest to find the best corporate gift choices out there, and here are our top 14 best corporate gifts in Singapore that are definitely affordable for your staff, colleagues or business partners!

1. Card Holder

Due to their compact design and several card slots, cardholders are the ideal companions for every occasion and even for everyday use such as keeping your corporate ID card. We always have different payment cards and it’s hard to manage them. Cardholders offer a lot more flexibility than you might expect because they are the ideal accessory for grouping multiple cards in the same place. Professionals often hold a lot of business cards throughout their work, so carrying a cardholder at all times may be important for you.

Another advantage would be it’s sleek and compact design, allowing it to fit perfectly in places such as your pockets. Carrying a bulky wallet or purse around could make it harder for you to keep your hands free. Cardholders will always be stylish and a versatile complement to any outfit that should be considered. You’ll always be noticed, with the right cardholder, for your incredible sense of fashion and style. It might also be one of your proud belongings which can be taken anywhere and nowadays, because of the growing need for multiple cards, buying one is important.

2. Tumbler

Tumblers can come in handy in the office as they are not too heavy. It’s so compact that these tumblers can also be used when driving as there are a number of versions that come with lids to help keep the drink inside the bottle. Also, if you love to have water by your desk, we recommend that you use a plastic tumbler instead of one made with glass. It guarantees that it does not crack or cause severe injuries in your office when the tumbler drops.

There is no denying that the advantages of plastic tumblers are unparalleled. These tumblers are lightweight, strong, affordable and come in a variety of designs from which you can choose. More notably, the ability to wash them easily renders it valuable to you in the office as it wouldn’t take so much of your time every day to clean it. Tumblers have been providing a practical substitute to cups and bottles throughout the course of time.

3. Travel Adaptors

Whether you’re considering a trip for business purposes or personal reasons, you’ve most likely heard about the need for a performance travel adapter. Most people will carry a range of electronic devices while travelling abroad, such as a cell phone, smartphone, desktop, camera, and more to use. You want to stay working at all times throughout your business trip and to do so, you have to make sure that your phones are charged and you can charge them if necessary.

A travel adapter is an outlet converter device developed to enable your digital devices to operate overseas in locations where there is a specific voltage in the power source. You can use the kit to work with a variety of electronic devices such as your Macbook, iPad and so on. This comes especially handy when you are on a business trip and need to charge your devices to do your work

4. Foldable Bags

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to carry too many things in one go? Well, we have a solution just for you. Foldable bags come in a variety of sizes but one key component about them is the fact that they are extremely convenient to carry around and store. Most foldable bags are of thin material, sleek and lightweight. You can stuff as many things you need in the bag and still be able to carry it out without the worry of tearing as they are designed to withstand that.

Due to the rising popularity of going eco-friendly, foldable bags are in high demand and they now come in beautiful designs to suit your aesthetics. With their unique designs, it’s simple and inexpensive for you to do your part while experiencing the quality of such reusable bags to minimize the effect of plastic on the world.

5. Sticky Notes

Do you ever get overloaded by assignments and projects that you can’t get your priorities straight? This is where sticky notes come in to help ease your day-to-day struggles. When working, you will find that there are so many things you have to juggle, from various meetings to replying emails to completing your task, it will be a struggle for you to remember all the things you need to do.

Depending on your job scope, you may have to move around a lot and cannot afford to check your phone regularly for notifications. That’s why professionals like to use Sticky Notes because it’s an easy way to take notes. They are a great way to collaborate, brainstorm, visualise and display ideas. If you focus on something, and a random idea “pops” into your head, you can write it on a sticky note and return to it when your current assignment is done.

6. Travel Organiser

Travel organisers come in various shapes, sizes and colours, allowing you great versatility in selecting the one that suits you best. For a multitude of things, you can use numerous organizers. For casual wear, shoes, ties and small loose pieces, packing cubes are great. Although packing files are good to safeguard against wrinkling your formal attire including shirts and dresses. It is also possible to use the same element in more than one way. Compression bags, for example, compact your clothes so they take up less room in your luggage, however on the journey back from your business trip they are also good for dirty laundry.

The use of travel organizers helps in a variety of ways to secure your valuables. The separate storage of fragile objects like laptops and electronic gadgets decreases the risk of damage during travel. Packing organizers are also useful in distinguishing used and dirty items from clean and fresh items, and packing folders are for you when you need more space and fewer wrinkles. As you can imagine, there is a high demand among business travellers for packing directories. Thus, travel organisers are a much needed essential for professionals who travel a lot and the added bonus is that you can choose a design that suits both your needs and your style.

7. Passport Holder

Travelling, particularly when you explore new cultures and places, can give you several of the most wonderful experiences. However, you still need to protect yourself from losing your documents regardless of the motivation for your travel, company or leisure. Thankfully, for as low as $4, you could purchase a passport cover straight from online stores. You minimize the risk of anyone stealing your travel documents, credit cards or paper money by getting a passport holder.

For a plain passport cover, you can go without any prints or intricate designs at all. For the ladies, beautiful colours are accessible as well as many other unique shades and styles from which you can choose from. It all depends on the colour that best suits you. As the demand for passport holder grows, businesses have started producing passport covers where you can fit your ID card, credit cards and cash as well. These are regarded as very useful, providing sufficient space for both the passport and credit cards. Therefore, you can easily carry your passport and valuables with you in one place.

8. Plush Toys/Stuffed Animal

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your own desk or give your colleague a gift, a plush toy or a stuffed animal could be a good way to add some personality to the workplace. Unlike many other items and presents like flowers, you can put your stuffed animal on your table and never touch it again and it will remain as good as new! This is the advantage of having one in your office, they are low maintenance and also visually appealing.

Nevertheless, the general lack of concern for stuffed animals and plush means that you don’t annoy yourself or a coworker even just a little. Most presents appear underutilized or unnecessary when not used, but it’s more than enough to see the plush on your table for any gift giver. Many stuffed animals attach to your desk in a fairly affordable way. If your desk looks a little empty and can take advantage of some personality, all these are perfectly valid reasons for you to snap up some fluffy.

9. Non-Woven Bags

Although the implications that paper and plastic bags have on the environment is very often overestimated, there really is no argument that many times it is better to reuse a specific bag than to use a plastic bag only once and discard it.  Non-woven bags may be used several times, thereby keeping out of local landfill sites, dozens or even hundreds of plastic bags. With Non-Woven Bags in your office or gifting a few to your colleagues, you can help to support the eco-friendly movement.

Apart from that, they are light, flexible and soft meaning that it would be easy to store them and carry them around. In the office, you can use such bags to transport your laptops, devices and documents from one meeting to the next. They are extremely low maintenance which means you don’t have to worry about keeping them away from heat or water. You can just toss them aside and come back when you need to use them again. They are relatively cheap and come in a variety of designs and colours to suit your aesthetics.

10. Flashdrive/USB

Flash drives are small in size, making them easy to carry. You may clip them to a keychain during the day or place them in the pocket of your shirt or pants. Many of the flash drives are between two to three inches long. Due to its size and compact design, they can easily fit into small areas such as your pockets without bringing you any discomfort. Even though in stores you might come across bigger sized designs, you can still bring them around without knowing that you have them.

USB drives are equipped to transfer data at a speed of 4.8 gigabytes per second. This is considered to be great speed in comparison to the SD memory card which only transfers 312 MB per second. Due to it’s fast transfer of data, flash drives will come in extremely handy in an office setting where you are required to regularly share confidential data and documents with your colleagues. Flash drives are easy to come by and there are a variety of designs which you can choose from. Due to its classy and timeless design, you don’t have to worry about it ever going out of style.

11. Water Bottles

Keeping a water bottle by your desk can be essential to your health and your work performance. At times, we could get too absorbed in the work that we forget to carry out our basic necessities such as drinking water and eating a proper meal. Shortage of water or dehydration decreases the volume of blood in your body, causing the heart to work faster to provide your muscles with oxygen-bearing cells. You might become lightheaded, irritable, and suffer headaches in the initial stages of dehydration.

So, if you tend to experience dizziness throughout your day at work, it could be due to not drinking enough water. With that said, bearing a water bottle at all times is the best way of remembering to drink lots of water. Having a water bottle by your side will act as a reminder and out of habit, you could just reach out for it to grab a drink. Depending on the size of the water bottle, filling it up once in the morning could last you all the way till the end of your workday.

12. Phone Cables

Depending on your office, you may find difficulty finding a charging port to charge your phone. This is why phone cables can come in handy when you are working. As we have entered a digital world, most companies give their employees laptops to use for their work but, sometimes, there is a shortage of plugs to be shared among everyone. To minimise excessive use of plugs or even hogging on them to charge your electronic devices, it would be a good hack to use your laptop as a charging port.

With a phone cable, you can just insert the USB into your laptop and your phone will start charging. Another advantage is that you can keep your mobile phone by your side as you charge. Some times, you may have to search far and wide in your office to find a charging port that is available and it might be far away from your desk. Without your phone by your side, you could miss important calls and notifications. In order to avoid those troubles, it would be nice to gift your colleague a phone cable if you see them struggling to charge their phone in the office regularly. Phone cables are inexpensive and they come in various designs and colours which you can pick from to match your theme.

13. Umbrella

The purpose of an umbrella is to shield you from the rain. Nothing could ever cause days of bad hair or stop you from soaking up, ringing wet like an umbrella. Therefore, if you intend to remain presentable during your working hours, it is appropriate to carry one around. Getting caught in the rain is a nightmare which everyone wishes to avoid on the way to work. Also, an umbrella is aimed at protecting you against the sun’s adverse effects. An umbrella is compact, lightweight and very inexpensive.

Of course, costs may vary depending on size, colour and model, but it is often possible to buy a sturdy, robust umbrella for less than $10, which is really a worthwhile investment should rainfall be expected. An umbrella is just like a great friend when you need it and if you don’t, they will be waiting patiently. They are a dependable and practical tool to have which makes them a much-needed gift.

14. Powerbank

A power bank is highly beneficial and this is exactly why this add-on device is being purchased by more and more smartphone users. It can also be simply life-saving for some instances. Imagine the scenario where you are anticipating a very important business call and your mobile goes off. Even thinking about it might burn a hole in your head. Isn’t it good if during these times, you have an alternative system to fall back on? This is where power banks can lend a helping hand.

It’s not heavy or uncomfortable to hold this tool. Thanks to its feather-light weight and beautiful design, it embraces high portability. It is therefore very convenient for working professionals to bring it with them in meetings and even out of the office. Power banks also look attractive and captivating. They are usually pencil-thin and may even give many of these trendy gadgets a run for the money. Being so beautiful in appearance, purchasing it and keeping it for emergency purposes is always a pleasure to anyone.

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