3 Questions To Consider Before Engaging In Corporate Gifting

June 4, 2020

As actions speak louder than words, corporate gifts are a great way to convey your appreciation on top of fostering meaningful relationships. When you give, you receive much more in return. For example, giving employees gifts would boost employee morale and keep them feeling motivated. When they’re motivated, they’d produce great results for your company in return!

So, when giving corporate gifts in Singapore, the element of surprise is not to be forgotten! It’ll make the recipient feel much more delighted upon receiving your gift. The happier your recipient, the stronger your relationship! So, rather than giving trinkets like pin badges that are usually forgotten after a while, put some thought into corporate gift giving. Spend some time to thoughtfully plan out a gift strategy for your internal and external clients every year.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are three questions you can ask yourself before you start! 

What’s the occasion?

If you’re planning to give a gift during the most wonderful time of the year, then you might want to think again.

During this time of the year, giving gifts can be quite predictable. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to give them when people least expect it by thinking of a random time to give gifts. Here’s a tip: think of who the recipient is, and your reason for giving them a gift. For example, it can be for a regular customer who you’d like to thank, for their trust in your brand.

What’s the appropriate packaging design?

Often, people tend to overlook the overall presentation of the item they’re giving away. Be it a corporate or employee gift, think twice before imprinting your marketing message or call to action.

By doing so, the gift will seem more like an advertisement. You should focus on personalising the gift instead, which you can do so with your client or employee’s name. We highly emphasise on making your receiver feel appreciated by making the experience seem like they’re receiving an authentic gift.

What’s your budget?

Quality over quantity, this applies to gift-giving too! Source out for high-ticketed products rather than items that you can purchase in bulk for cost-efficiency.

This is why forming a budget is very important, as it sets the bar for how far you can go with the type of items you want to purchase. You’d also know how to split the amount between your company, strategy or program. If you’re feeling confused, here’s a guide on what to set your budget on:

  • Years spent together in business or years of service
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Or, a budget based on what you can reasonably afford

All in all, what’s most valuable is the relationship between you and the receiver. While it’s advised not to underspend, you shouldn’t overspend as well.


Some words of advice, is to always do your research on who you’re giving the gift to because some sectors like medical or financial tend to have strict policies on receiving gifts. Also, you wouldn’t want to give alcohol to someone who can’t or don’t drink! Ultimately, your intention for giving a gift is to simply convey your gratitude. So don’t attach a hidden agenda along with it, such as asking for a favour in return. Instead, wholeheartedly send over your gift along with a thoughtful note to show your sincerity and appreciation for your employee or customer!

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