5 Corporate Gifts Ideas That Any Singaporean Should Use In 2018

March 20, 2018

Holidays are around the corner and it is time to exchange gifts. Employers are now stressing over the ideal gifts to give their workers and clients to recognise them for being a crucial part of the company’s success. Corporate gift giving is an art that requires you to pay attention to various aspects such as the receiver’s personality, hobbies, lifestyle, and other personal preferences. Therefore, you have to put in extra thought and effort while choosing a gift for your client lest you give them the wrong impression.

The need to be appreciated is common among all humans. Employers should do therefore aim at recognising the workers and clients role in the success of a company by giving a gift. Most companies in Singapore will have a price limit but that does not mean you go for the cheapest item in the market. This guide takes you through the corporate gift ideas in Singapore, which you should consider following this holiday season.

Fitness Club Membership

The idea of paying for gym membership prevents most employees from regularly going to the gym. Therefore paying for their membership not only motivates the workers to work out but also inspires them to live a healthier life. Remember a healthy worker has higher levels of productivity. Alternatively, you can give your employees and clients some fitness trackers to monitor their fitness levels every day.

A Business Card Holder or a Pen Holder

Business cards and pens are essential for anyone working in an office setting. This means that a worker or a client will use it every day. Therefore, the two would be a good choice since the employee will be using them to boost the performance of a company.

A Taste of Different Culture

Singapore is a multicultural state meaning you will always have workers from different backgrounds. You can choose to unite all these cultures in your company by giving employees and client’s gifts that depict a different culture from theirs. This may include a food package consisting of herbs and spices, souvenirs from other countries, or a piece of art that highlight other people’s culture.

A Gift Basket

A gift basket is one of the most traditional corporate gifts that will never go out of fashion anytime soon. You can give your clients and employees a basketful of sweets and snacks, wines or fruits. You can arrange it to match the taste of its recipient. Personalised gifts in Singapore will always be appreciated.

A Flower or Plant

A flower or a plant is a perfect corporate gift for employees living and working near high-rise condominiums, buildings and apartments. Giving a plant also allows the employees to nurture something of their own. A little greenery will help brighten up any room. Some of them also have some stress relieving properties making them ideal for elevating energy levels in the office.


Corporate gift giving has now become common among most companies in Singapore. Most gifts come with a reasonable price for everyone although there are others that can be a little bit expensive. Getting corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore will not cost you an arm and a leg. However, you should not allow the cost to stop you from appreciating the good work that the employees and clients perform in a company. Choosing a corporate gift should not be a challenge to anyone now, but you can always ask help from the staff of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore.

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