5 Ways To Maintain Your Charging Cable In Top Condition

November 21, 2018

Keeping the phone cables safe and sound is a job on its own. Ever since the mobile phones were invented, cables are purchased and they are broken every now and then. Phone cables are fragile, thus they break easily. The more they are twisted and turned, the more easily they break. This is because there are many third-party manufacturers that offer fake accessories, and their quality is poor, which is why the phone cables found these days are fragile and break easily.

My advice would be, not to rely on these phone cables, i.e. once your original charger breaks because they are made of light materials and are not meant to stay with you for a long time.

So, if you want to protect your original charger, then follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Unplug the Charger in a Correct Way

Do not, by any means, grab the phone cable to pull out the charger. This is bound to break the wires inside the cable, which you don’t want in any case. The correct way to unplug the charger is to place one hand on the outlet and pull the charger out using your free hand. And while removing the cable from the charging jack of the phone, make use of both your hands and pull the connector.

2. Do Not Use Protected Power Outlets

Most power outlets found these days are embedded with protectors at the front which means you need to put extra force to place the pins inside. These pins are fragile and will break if you use the extra power. If you have such outlets at home it is always better to use an extension to insert your charger to the outlet.

3. Store the Cables in a Proper Way

I am sure you know that the charging cables have wires made of metal inside them. These metal wires break easily because they are not flexible. Although, they can survive small bends, the sharp ones they cannot. To avoid irregular turns and twists, make sure you use the same method each time you wrap the cable. The best way is to roll the wire around an object that is circular in shape.

4.  Store the Charger Away From Cats and Dogs

If you have pets at home then you should take extra precautions to store the charger away from their sight. We all know pets like dogs and cats love eating the cables, and you don’t want your new and original cable ruining this way. So, keep it at a distance from them, don’t let it dangle from the power outlet.

I know this sounds annoying but in order to keep your phone cables safe, you need to take these precautions, they will increase the life of your cables because, believe me or not, original cable that comes with your mobile phones are the best. However, you can find a lot of authentic places to buy cheap phone cables in Singapore too. Look hard and you are bound to find some.

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