5 Ways You Can Celebrate the Company’s Anniversary

It only makes sense to celebrate the company’s anniversary, especially when it comes to numerical milestones such as 10th, 25th, 50th, and 100th, anniversaries. Regardless of how many years it’s been, each year serves as a moment for not just celebration, but also a reflection of how much the company has achieved.

While most companies opt for huge celebrations, some would prefer to keep it low-key. Below are five simple tips to consider for companies who are looking to keep things simple.

1. Use the Anniversary to Reflect and Re-enforce

Sure, it’s a time for celebration, but can’t you also use it to reinforce the company’s goals and objectives for the years to come? Use the anniversary to announce future plans or new planned initiatives. Not only will this reinvigorate stakeholder interest in the company, but it will also help motivate employees after seeing what the company has in store for them down the line.

Make sure that you carefully plan all the celebratory yet strategically crafted messages about the company’s achievements and what it plans to achieve during the anniversary celebrations.

2.    Celebrate Your Employees

Who said that companies could only celebrate achievements and milestones? Yes, they’re all significant, but where would the company be without all the employees responsible for keeping everything running like a well-oiled machine?

Even if only for a portion of the company’s anniversary celebration, take the time to reward and recognise employees, especially those who have shown exemplary work and commitment towards the organisation throughout the year.

You can even buy personalised gifts and give them to the employees as a way of giving thanks for all of their hard work.

3.    Do Charity Work

They say that those who give back the most are blessed, so why not try giving back? Help families in need around the city, or even help develop a town park. You can also give away scholarships to students who are interested in entering the same industry of your company. Not only is it nice to give back, but it’s also an excellent way to generate some buzz for your company all the while celebrating a huge milestone in your company’s history.

4.    Reach out to Former and Current Employees

With the advent of social media, one way to celebrate to your company’s anniversary, especially if it’s a major numerical milestone, is to create short videos. These can contain statements from retired and current employees about what it’s like to work for the company, which has not only stayed afloat but also succeeded over the years.

This is a great way to pay homage to the employees who are currently working hard, and those who have worked hard to put the company where it is today.

5.    Host a Seminar

Invite industry leaders and give them a platform to share their knowledge in front of your employees about your company. It could be about architectural design, energy sustainability, the future of marketing, etc. What’s important here is that you create a culture of knowledge where people are sharing valuable information with one another, while celebrating your company’s anniversary.

As you can see, not every company anniversary celebration needs to be big or grandiose, complete with hiring corporate gifts suppliers Singapore for giveaways. The simple ones can be just as impactful if you plan it right.

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