6 Things To Avoid When Giving Corporate Gifts

March 27, 2019

Corporate Gifts Wholesale

Planning a corporate gift can be a tricky job. You don’t want to send your clients and staff something petty that will ruin your professional relationship. So, think twice before you buy them anything unprofessional for them.

For your convenience, we have listed 5 things that you should never ever gift to your staff and clients. And to make things easier, look out for corporate gifts wholesale for more options.

1. Don’t Buy Cheap Gifts

This is especially true when you want to impress your receiver. You don’t want to lose the whole point of gifting by giving cheap gifts. Your customers and employees don’t want to feel as if you are doing them a favor, they need to be shown that you actually care, therefore, an unthoughtful gift is a big no-no. Want to build trust and professional relationship? Don’t buy cheap gifts!

2. No Over-Expensive Gifts

While cheap gifts are a big no-no, you shouldn’t bother buying gifts that are over expensive gifts as well. Play safe and set a budget—neither cheap nor too expensive. You want to send the right message across.

3. Obey the Religious Beliefs

When buying gifts for your coworkers, you should adhere to their religious beliefs as well. If they belong to a different religion, you don’t want to insult them by gifting them something that is offensive to or banned in their religion, or even something that they are unable to consume due to their religious beliefs.

4. No Promotional Gifts

Promotional messages in corporate gifting is a very bad idea. If you want, a logo can be added, if it looks acceptable, but using your gift as a marketing tactic can look cheap. The main purpose of sending a corporate gift is to make your receiver feel important, not to persuade them with a marketing plan. Otherwise, the whole point of sending corporate gifts becomes useless.

5. Don’t forget your presentation skills

When sending a gift to someone, make sure you present the gift in a proper way. Remember, corporate gifts represent you and your company, and a gift that is unthoughtful and not given much attention to will surely make the whole thing pointless.

6. Not Following the Rules

Following the code of ethics is very important when giving corporate gifts. Like mentioned earlier, no expensive gifts like perfumes or jewelry that will convey the wrong message across your clients and staff, nothing too cheap either. In other words, whatever you plan to gift should not make your client or staff uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, remember, whatever you gift will show a lot about you and your company. So, be wise and make the right decision. Don’t be hasty in buying anything just for the sake of it. After all, you don’t want to lose your clients and staff, do you?

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