Advertising Your Business with Personalised Gifts

May 3, 2018

Corporate gift giving is no longer an issue to be frowned upon in the 21st century. In fact, more and more companies are embracing the art of giving gifts as a way of strengthening relationships between clients, employees, and even suppliers. Corporate gifting used to be a practice of the big companies in the business world. However, the trends are changing lately with even the small start-ups investing a lot in appreciating everyone involved in the growth of the business. Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of companies providing personalised gifts in Singapore to satisfy the high demand for the presents.

Corporate gifts are not only a valuable incentive given to different people as a token of appreciation, but they also provide a perfect way to market a brand to thousands of people in a country. Read on to get a clear idea of how personalised corporate gifts are paramount in advertising your brand to a large pool of clients.

  • They Help Create Brand Awareness

Giving gifts containing your company’s logo, name, and contact information helps spread the news to a large number of people. This will lead to an increased the demand for the brand from the people looking to satisfy their curiosity about your products or services. The gift recipient will always remember a gift from your company, and they are likely to share the news about your services to their networks if they had a pleasant experience while receiving any service. Clients are also highly likely to seek services from a company where they felt appreciated.

  • The Quality of Your Gifts Tells More about your Products and Service Delivery

The type of gift that you choose and the way you present it tells more about your quality of service. Therefore, you should be ready to choose the best product there is on the market if you want to leave a lasting mark on the recipient. Remember that you are trying to woo more clients and show appreciation for their support without appearing as if you are bribing them. Therefore, you should be careful about what you choose as a token of appreciation. You can choose to be creative with a handwritten note, a personalised mug, or an embossed hourglass. The gift you choose does not have to be expensive, but you should make it feel personal if you want to generate positive reviews from your clients.

  • Large Selection to Choose From

The fact that you are not limited to one or two products makes gift giving more exciting than any other form of advertising. You can choose to put your creative skills to test and make attractive gifts to appreciate your clients or employees. Alternatively, you may opt to visit one of the stores providing personalised gifts in Singapore for a quick fix in case you are gifting a large group of employees. You can also customise the corporate gifts to satisfy the needs of people depending on their cultural orientations, social status, and ages. For example, branded headphones may be appealing to the millennials while baby boomers would value a monthly subscription to a financial magazine.

  • It Prompts Communication

Every business owner wants to remain in touch with their clients for a long time to keep them interested in your products and service delivery. Sometimes even a simple congratulatory card or a box of chocolate for a successful deal is enough to plaster good relationships between two parties. A partner, supplier, or even a client is likely to call you to thank you for receiving an appreciation gift. You can take this moment to strike a conversation about your services and new products that you could be having. Marketing is a gradual process. A thoughtful gift is enough to develop stronger relationships with prospective clients, suppliers, donors, or even employees.

It is therefore evident that corporate gifts are quite essential for a company intending to increase the awareness of their brand to a large number of people. Giving corporate gifts is also a bit cheaper compared to promoting your brand on TV’s and radios stations, hence making it an ideal option for most start-ups who are struggling with finances and lead generation. The fact that the recipients will use the gift for a very long time means that you will be marketing your brand for a long time without incurring any additional advertising costs.

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