Affordable Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Consider Giving

May 15, 2018

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Corporate gifting is an essential practice for a company looking to maintain healthy ties with clients, promote its brand, or motivate the employees. The gift that you choose for your clients, partners, suppliers, or employees can easily build or break the relationship that you have with the recipient. Therefore, you should be extra careful while selecting an ideal gift to present to your most trusted workers, reliable partners, or loyal customers. Personalised and functional gifts representing the personality and the needs of the recipient will not only make the recipient feel appreciated, but it also helps in strengthening relationships between different parties.

Choosing the right corporate gifts is a challenging process especially when you are looking for affordable gifts for multiple recipients. Therefore, we have come up with a guide of some corporate gifts that you will find in most corporate gifts wholesale suppliers in singapore.

A Gift Basket
You will never go wrong with a gift basket especially when gifting a large group of people. A basket of fruits, snacks, or food nuts will always put a smile on the gift recipient, and it always caters to the needs of different people in an office. However, you should be very careful with the constituents of the food baskets since some exotic produce may end up in the trash. You should also consider some important aspects such as the person or the people receiving the gift basket, their likes and dislikes, as well as their lifestyle. For example, it would be inconsiderate to send a basket filled with sweet delicacies and candies to a diabetic person.

Gift an Experience
People will always forget about an item they received once it is replenished, but they will not forget how you made them feel. Therefore, giving tickets to an exciting place should be your top consideration if you want to leave a lasting impact. Paying for a two-week trip to Hawaii may be a challenging thing for most small companies, but tickets to the movies, a concert, wine tastings, or spa visits are affordable. A gym or a yoga class subscription is not only a thoughtful way of keeping your employees’ health in mind but also a perfect way to improve their productivity.

A Phone Stand
In this 21st century, everyone owns at least one smartphone. Therefore, a telephone stand with different slots to hold more than three phones would be a good choice for your employees or clients. It not only helps them organise their tables but it will also give a striking appeal to their workstation. Most stores providing unique corporate gifts in singapore will have different sizes and styles to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. Therefore, you may consider shopping around before settling for one particular phone stand.

A Book or a Subscription to a Favourite Magazine
Most people in the corporate industry are always looking for an opportunity to learn a new skill and add value to their lives. Therefore, you can always support their quest by buying them a book that will impart more knowledge in their lives or help them learn a new skill. A monthly subscription to a favourite magazine is also a thoughtful gift for your clients or employees. Your gift recipient will always be reminded of this special gift every time they receive a monthly copy of their favourite magazine or newsletter, so it is ideal to invest in such a present as a way of showing appreciation.

Corporate gift giving is not mandatory, but it is a perfect way of keeping the spirits high within the organisation. Some gifts will cost you thousands of dollars while others do not require a large amount of cash to buy. Some people will even opt to personalise the gifts to suit the recipient’s needs and personality. All these options are great, but you should always keep the recipient’s interests at heard if you intend to make a lot out of corporate gifts.

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