On A Budget? Buy Our Cheap Corporate Gifts in Singapore

For large events where you anticipate a large crowd or if you plan on giving corporate gifts to the entire company, giving expensive products may incur too many expenses. Giving budget gifts may then be a better idea, as you can ensure that everyone will receive items of the same value. Although cheap corporate gifts are often considered inferior in quality, many of them offer excellent value.

Situations, where you should consider giving corporate gifts, include large events like a trade show or product launches, where many people are expected to attend. Other than providing the corporate gifts to your employees and business partners, you will also have to consider the public that may join your event. Hence, fanciful products that are expensive and include too many company-related designs may not be suitable for such events. Instead, you should choose to give a budget gift that can convey your feelings of appreciation while ensuring that you stay within your price range.


Examples of cheap corporate gifts are items like grocery bags, towels or even a slim portable charger. Grocery bags are ideal for events that are regarding environmental conservation or other related issues, as the bags are reusable and hence, environmentally-friendly. The towels will be excellent for sports events or physically intense situations, as the recipients can use them immediately to wipe their perspiration. Slim portable chargers are best for events that are related to technology, although they can also be given out during other activities due to their usefulness. Regardless of the occasion, any recipient will likely be grateful to receive a portable charger, especially if the item comes with a built-in USB cord for different types of devices.

Wholesalegifts.com.sg is an excellent supplier of cheap corporate gifts that are suitable for a variety of events, including trade show and open houses. Interested in purchasing any of our products or will like to know more information?


Carrier bag that is multi-functional and reusable.

Material: 80gsm
Packaging: 10pcs per OPP bag
Colours: Blue, Orange, Red, Black and White
Dimension: 35cm(H) x 40cm(L) x 10cm(W)


Equipped with RFID, this case prevents personal data breaches and unauthorized usage of your cards. Can fit up to 20 cards.

Material: Aluminium with elastic band
Packaging: Individual Opp bag
Colours: Silver and Black
Dimension: 8.7cm(L) x 5.7cm(H) x 0.5cm(B)


Suitable for iPhone 5/6 and Samsung phones. Comes with built-in charging cords. Automatically turns off after 25 seconds of idle time. Does not turn off while charging.

Material: PP
Packaging: Black colour box
Colours: White with Blue, Red with White and Dark Blue with White
Dimension: 9.6cm(H) x 6.2cm(L) x 0.6cm(W)


Slim credit card sized charger. Suitable for Apple and Android devices. Comes with built-in USB cord.

Material: ABS
Packaging: Individual OPP bag
Colours: Black
Dimension: 4.9cm(H) x 8cm(L) x 0.25cm(W)


Handy sports towel. Good absorbency and comes in different colours. Colour fastness: Grade 3 – 4.

Material: Cotton
Packaging: individual polybag
Colours: Red, Orange, Green & Blue
Dimension: 32cm(w) x 71cm(h)


Three button placket polo t-shirts that comes in an assortment of sizes and colours.

Material: TC Honeycomb
Packaging: Individual OPP Bag
Colours: Orange, Red, Blue, Black


Folds into a portable, compact size. Non-woven carry handles and Comes with an inflatable pillow. Ideal for outdoors.

Material: PP Straw + Non-Woven
Packaging: Individual OPP bag
Colours: Red and Blue
Dimension: 90cm(L) x 180cm(W)


Portable nylon frisbee that can be folded and stored into a small pouch.

Material: Polyester
Colours: Orange, Blue and Red