Can You Use Corporate Gifting As A Form Of Marketing?

January 29, 2018

Many probably wonder if corporate gifting can be used as a form of marketing. Before we can arrive at a definitive answer, we need to delve deeper into corporate gifting. We also need to look at its limitations and the scenarios that we can use it for. Only from there can we discuss how it differs from marketing.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is essentially giving gifts to your clients. The reasons for doing this may vary but it should not be motivated by an ulterior motive of directly benefiting from the gift. Corporate gifting must be a genuine process of expressing your gratitude to your clients. You can also give corporate gifts to your employees.

Is corporate gifting a form of marketing?

The official answer is a firm “no”. Corporate gifting should not be treated as a marketing strategy because it was never intended to be one. However, corporate gifting can get clients on your side and make them aware of your business or brand. This, on its own, is a form of marketing although not as obvious or brash as several other well-known marketing methods.

Considering that all businesses engage in activities motivated by profit, we should be allowed to think that corporate gifting is a subtle way of marketing. Here are some of the reasons why corporate gifting is similar to marketing.

Corporate gifting is silent marketing

Corporate gifting cannot be used as a company’s primary method of marketing. However, it is a covert method of marketing that capitalises on a client’s subconscious mind. A corporate gift is meant to be a small gift a business uses to make a small statement to its clients. A gift will help a company be appreciated by its clients.

Corporate gifts need to be impressive

The majority of the marketing methods used today are innovative and visually impressive. They are used to attract someone’s attention and raise awareness about a particular brand. This is also what corporate gifting is all about – creating awareness. Unique corporate gifts will have the same effect as well, being memorable to all prospective clients.

After sales token

Some people only send a gift after they have concluded a business deal with an individual or a company. Sending a corporate gift to your client will remind them of the times you did business together. A gift will always remind them of your business and what you can do for them. This way, you keep in touch with your customers without directly asking for new opportunities to do business together.

Customised gifts

Some companies exchange customised gifts with their logos or names. This keeps your company in the minds of your clients.

Corporate gifting is a form of marketing

Without a doubt, corporate gifting is a form of marketing. It is a good way to market your brand because it allows you being in direct contact with potential clients without looking like you are desperate for work. Unfortunately, it does not always guarantee positive results. Without a proper follow-up, a company will never know if corporate gifting worked as a marketing tool. There is no shortage of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, so finding an appropriate gift should not be of any difficulty.

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