Useful Card Holders at Wholesale Prices in Singapore

Card holders protect ID cards from been misplaced, as they often come with a lanyard that can be worn around the neck. Although ID cards are extremely important, they are often easily misplaced due to their small size. Hence, it can be costly for the company to replace the ID card, especially if their employees are not encouraged to replace it with their own money. Giving card holders as corporate gifts can encourage your employees to use them, preventing the ID cards from being lost and ensuring that no one can access sensitive information or places by using another person’s ID card. Even if the recipients are not employees of your company, they can use the card holder to store their transportation cards.

Conventional ID card holders are used for company events, conventions, and trade shows. The badge holder is usually made of clear acetate and is either pinned on or attached with a clip. Other common designs include clean vinyl card holders where the front of the card can be seen and coloured ones that are more eye-catching. Depending on the intended recipients of the card holders, you may wish to purchase different types of card holders. While colourful card holders may be more attractive, they may not be suitable for a company that wants their employees to have a professional image.

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