5 Ways You Can Celebrate the Company’s Anniversary

It only makes sense to celebrate the company’s anniversary, especially when it comes to numerical milestones such as 10th, 25th, 50th, and 100th, anniversaries. Regardless of how many years it’s been, each year serves as a moment for not just celebration, but also a reflection of how much the company has achieved.

While most companies opt for huge celebrations, some would prefer to keep it low-key. Below are five simple tips to consider for companies who are looking to keep things simple.

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Show Your Thoughtful Side By Giving Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are one of the most underrated gift ideas. They’re neither the most expensive, nor the cheapest gifts, but they almost always stand out. This makes them great as a rather average-looking present the receiver can cherish for a long time.

Here are five reasons why personalised gifts, especially unique corporate gifts, make for the perfect presents:

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Five Gender-neutral Corporate Gifts that Suit Everyone

Corporate gifts are great marketing tools for your business. You can enjoy a lot of benefits by giving the right items. Choosing the right present can boost your company’s visibility and make it a household name. To accomplish that, you need to use a variety of well-thought ideas to ensure that you get the desired results. It also makes your brand noticeable in every possible way.

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5 Corporate Gifts Ideas That Any Singaporean Should Use In 2018

Holidays are around the corner and it is time to exchange gifts. Employers are now stressing over the ideal gifts to give their workers and clients to recognise them for being a crucial part of the company’s success. Corporate gift giving is an art that requires you to pay attention to various aspects such as the receiver’s personality, hobbies, lifestyle, and other personal preferences. Therefore, you have to put in extra thought and effort while choosing a gift for your client lest you give them the wrong impression.

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How To Get The Best Out Of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a great way to get ahead and know your clients better. If done properly, corporate gifting makes you a brand that strives to make its customers happy. Playing the corporate gifting cards well can help to improve your long-term performance. More importantly, it keeps people talking about you and your brand.

As corporate gifting is an effective and indirect tool for marketing your brand, here are some of the best ways of making corporate gifting work for you.

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Using Corporate Gifts to Promote your Business/Brand

We live in a competitive business world in which businesses and brands are coming up with new and innovative marketing practices in order to stay ahead of the competition. Some businesses have stuck with the age-old technique of corporate gifting. All they do is simply generate unique corporate gift ideas that will capture the attention of their clients.

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Tips on how to choose the best corporate gifts

If you have decided that giving corporate gifts is a good way to market your brand, you need to do it with caution, wit and finesse. You need to make sure that you give gifts that connect with your clients and leave a long-lasting impression.

However, this is not something that just happens on its own. You need to sit down and plan ahead of time. You need to tread carefully as this route could make or break your brand. We have taken the time to give you a few tips for choosing the best possible corporate gifts.

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How To Avoid Getting In Trouble With Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts may sound like a great marketing tool that will earn you the respect and admiration of your clients. You may think that buying your clients both personalised and customised gifts will get your brand ahead of the competition. More importantly, you think that corporate gifts will increase your sales dramatically and fulfil your business goals.

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