Cheap Promotional & Logo Pens in Singapore

A promotional pen has great practical uses for anyone and it can easily be customised for branding purposes. In many countries including Singapore, businesses use promotional pens with their company logo as a cheap cost-effective advertising tool to spread word about their branding and boost on-going advertising efforts.

The following are some of the many benefits of using promotional pens:

  • Cheap – When ordered in bulk, promotional pens can be an inexpensive investment for your company or business. For the value you will be getting when your brand awareness level increases, it is a worthwhile expense for your marketing campaign.
  • Useful – Pens are incredibly practical which makes it one of the best freebies to giveaway to the public. People tend to use more functional promotional products for their own uses and at the same time they can be constantly reminded about the marketed brand.
  • Advertising – Pens are notoriously known in how often it gets borrowed by family members and colleagues or even strangers. This benefits companies and businesses in expanding brand awareness to more and more people.
  • Variety – Promotional pens are available in various styles such as colours or designs depending on your preferences and needs to advertise your brand clearly.
  • Solidify Brand Recognition – When you include your brand logo on a promotional pen, over time customers will develop good brand recognition and are less likely to disassociate or forget from being able to identify the brand. Some practical promotional products are also kept for years due to its useful purposes so your brand will always be a part of your customers’.