Customising your Corporate Gift for Every Special Event

January 5, 2018

customized gifts singapore

Promotional products are some of the most common corporate gifts. It should come as no surprise that the branded pen is probably the most utilised business gift in the corporate world. A pen is definitely practical and useful. Other usual corporate gifts include hampers, calendars or even vouchers.

When you are planning to give out promotional products as gifts, remember to keep them conventional and simple. However, it is worth noting that simple and conventional gifts can still be creative and artistic thereby preventing the boredom of receiving the same gift over and over again.

Whether it is a corporate gift for your employees or clients, for a special event or even a routine business event, the following tips are going to help you get a gift that is going to leave a lasting impression to recipients. After all, you want the recipient to think of you and your company positively.

Give practical business gifts

When thinking of corporate gifts ideas in Singapore, consider ones that are practical. Business gifts that people can use include; a tote bag, a scarf, an umbrella or a blanket. Transform these everyday items into beautiful products that recipients are going to appreciate. This is because they are everyday things that people use on a regular basis. An ornate vase may be a standout gift, but it is likely to lie forgotten behind the cupboard.

Limit the use of brand logos and messages

Depending on the item, excessively branding the gift can compromise the appearance of the gift. For instance, it may not be such a good idea to brand a print piece to be hung on the wall. This may end up annoying the recipient and he or she may not like it.

Maintain originality and taste

When considering creative corporate gifts, remember to be original and tasteful. The design of the gift should be appealing to a wide audience. Get something that is unique and not so unusual at the same time. This may seem impossible, but it can be done. For instance, if you are choosing a wild-looking print for a blanket, it is unlikely that it will go with everyone’s home colour schemes. On that note, you do not have to play it too safe either. You can be creative by adding some color and staying away from gloomy colors such as black, grey and brown.

Imprint themes and designs relevant to the event

If you are looking for corporate gifts for your guests at your corporate event, look for gifts that can be customised to include the name of the event, the logo of your company, or something symbolic concerning the theme of the event. The main objective here will be to get a design that will help you achieve this goal without coming off as too promotional or greedy for attention. Designs with relevant logos or symbols are a good way signifying a concept without directly mentioning it.

Finally, you need to remember that you can’t always get it right as gifts are subjective. You may be sending a mug you consider to be fantastic, not knowing that the recipient already has the same cup. Or you might be sending a journal to a person who prefers keeping their notes 100% digital. Regardless, when it comes to gifts, it is the thought that counts. It is always worth keeping an eye out for unique corporate gifts or corporate gift ideas in Singapore, and have a catalogue of ideas at your disposal.

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