Easy Ways For You To Attract New Clients To Your Business

April 17, 2020

Starting a business can be very difficult. The process usually requires determination, hard work, and selflessness so that your company can be stable. Once it is stable and you have built up a list of clientele, then you can take a bit of a breather. However, the difficulty comes in attracting new clients every single day. One of the popular ways to do this is by giving gifts to your clients and potential clients. Here are many other ways you can attract new clients.

Prepare a loyalty card

This usually requires a client to give out their information to you, and they are given a card in return that they can present to a cashier every time they shop. The client should be able to redeem the points whenever they want to do so. Such a program will make clients loyal to your business because they know that they are getting something in return. This is a precious gift to clients because they can use it to save money whenever they redeem these points.

Create a VIP club

This is a club that will consist of the big spenders in your establishment. The clients will be able to get information first-hand. You can give the VIP club perks like free deliveries anytime they purchase any of your goods.

You can have a separate sitting area where the clients can sit anytime they are on your premises. You can have your stuff shop for them while they take a refreshing drink. They will truly feel like a VIP, and other clients will strive to get to that level as well.

Personalise your client’s gifts

It is essential to give your clients attention and listen to them when they are talking. This will enable you to get some information about them that will help you when you are giving out gifts to them. Some clients are susceptible to the environment, and that will lead you to give them something that reflects that as well. You should learn their names so that you can have them engraved on it too. There are multiple companies with corporate gifts in Singapore that will be able to help you.

Send treats to their home or offices

Everybody loves to get a treat now and then. In order for you to do this, you need to know what the client loves. You can find that out by giving them questionnaires to fill out. Make sure that the questions asked are ones that can guide you on what the person loves and appreciates. Once you know, you can organise a basket with some of the things that they love. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Clients will even appreciate donuts from their favourite bakery in case you don’t run a bakery yourself.

Adding services for free

Adding services for your clients and potential clients can prove to be essential. For example, if you are running a beauty salon and a client wants to have their hair washed and braided, you can offer a head massage service for free or a mini manicure. This will make the client keep coming back again and again.

Even with all of the above, you should treat your clients with the utmost respect. If you are providing service, then let it be the best, and if you are selling a product, then the quality should be top-notch.

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