Environmental-Friendly Gifts to Thank Your Corporate Donors

September 12, 2018

Donations are undoubtedly a key issue for many organisations looking for ways to keep their programs and projects on track, especially not for profit organisations. In many cases, it is their only means of financing, making relations between the organisation and their donors a crucial sticking point for them to continue operating. There are many ways to express gratitude for their support, but all remind them of the great value of their contribution.

Nowadays, there are more companies that care about transmitting their ecological conscience through their corporate image. The easiest way is to renew your logo to incorporate something greener, but this is not the best way, since many times it does not go seamlessly with the services or products offered by the company, and transmits an erroneous message regarding its objectives. However, many organisations are already doing this, and you might join the ranks of companies with similar logos.

The other alternative is that on special dates such as Christmas, company anniversaries and birthdays, wonderful and environmentally friendly corporate gift is given to the client. In this way you will be very grateful to receive something, so your message will be even more pragmatic. The customer will always remember a gift from the company, not just a green logo or a photo. Added to this, your company is supporting other sustainable companies when buying ecological corporate gifts and avoiding polluting the environment with plastics or other harmful materials.

For Singapore in particular, there is a variety of vendors that offer environment-friendly gifts. Many teams from different companies have planned a broad range of ecologically friendly corporate gifts made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients, each more wonderfully-crafted and useful than the last.  These corporate gift suppliers can be reached through their website or retail outlets for products that meet your expectations and needs. These eco-friendly gifts can range from organic bamboo cooking utensils to Sustainable gifts for coffee and tea drinkers. Recyclable to-go coffee mugs reduce the quantity of paper and cardboard that’s thrown in the trash daily.

Eventually, with the growing attention that consumers are placing on ecological consciousness these days, it is vital for institutes of all masses to adopt eco-friendly practices into all parts of the business. This covers advertising merchandise as well — giving an eco corporate gift will mark a huge impact on your clients, by conveying to them that you care about the environment just like them. Also, considering they are eco-friendly, most probably they are budget corporate gifts or cheap but personalised gifts too. These are just some of the advantages that we can take advantage of eco-friendly business gifts. Knowing how to choose the right gift for each occasion and for each audience is essential to strengthening ties with your customers, suppliers or employees, and generate a relationship of trust that favours each other.

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