Essential Etiquettes Of Corporate Gift Gifting

October 5, 2018

Holidays or not, it pays to give your clients something as a token of appreciating. The problem with that, however, is knowing exactly what to give them without necessarily going over the budget and breaking the bank. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Below are a few tips to help you constantly reach out to customers and clients throughout the year via corporate gifts without having to spend as much money or risking your reputation.

1. Have Fun

This should be the first order of business. You wouldn’t want to be giving corporate gifts out of compulsion. Instead, you want to give it based on a genuine feeling of wanting to carry out of the appreciation. By making sure that you’re having fun first, shopping for corporate gifts won’t be as stressful (and as expensive) of an experience.

2. Be Careful About Gifts Being Seen as Bribes

Do your homework. Not every potential or existing client is allowed to receive a token of appreciation. More importantly, not everyone merits a gift. If you gave away gifts to everyone, it’d probably end up looking like a bribe. Do your research well. The recipient’s organisation might have limits and rules set as to what kind of gifts they’re allowed to receive. Government officials, in particular, are off-limits when it comes to gifts.

3. Work with a Good Supplier

Look for reputable suppliers that sell corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore and offer an extensive guarantee for their products. The guarantee is a must because you’ll never know what will happen. Knowing what the vendors will do in case of a problem is a great insurance policy that can help put you at ease.

4. Do It All Year-Round

This isn’t as much of a matter of what as when. Any time of the year is good. When they least expect it is even better, especially if the gift is carefully tailored towards the recipient as doing so will make it easier for them to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Also, don’t forget about your employees. A thoughtful and personal gift given to your hardworking employees can go a long way in making them feel appreciated and valued.

5. Don’t Be Miserly

Don’t be like other businesses who think that they can get by with spending as little as possible. That’s not a good way to go about giving corporate gifts. If you want your business to scream “premium” then the corporate gift should well reflect that as well. Don’t be a low-bidder. Although you should try not to look desperate as well, not being afraid to splurge a bit can open up your options and leave you with gift choices that are more useful, memorable and more likely to be positively received.

Sometimes, it’s not always about the cost as well. A video about how much you appreciated working with a particular partner business or a calendar that shows a photo of your team during a team-building activity while thanking loyal customers are all excellent ways to create a lasting impression. Besides, simple and functional gifts such as wholesale umbrellas or personalised plaques in Singapore serves a dual purpose of both gifting and advertising.

Remember, a little bit of planning and creativity can turn a plain-looking corporate gift to one that creates a lasting impression. So, have fun and good luck!

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