Feasible Ways To Improve Customer Loyalty And Retention

July 2, 2020

In the business world, most companies give their all in strategising their pre-sale plan. However, they fail to consider what happens after the purchase has been made or how customers are treated after the sale.

Ensuring a positive experience from start to finish proves your ability to attract and retain customers, which is important because your customers are the reason why your business is moving! You want to please your customers as much as possible so they’d have nothing but songs of praises for your company, and we all know that word-of-mouth travels fast.

If you’d like to strengthen customer loyalty and retention, here are some ideas.

Thank you cards

Writing personal thank you letters is a simple way of showing your appreciation. It’s also very touching to the customer because you’re taking the time to acknowledge their participation in your company’s growth.

Make sure to leave out any form of self-promotions, because this is all about your customer – not your company! Channel your sincerity and originality as you craft messages to include in each letter. If there are too many customers to write for, then there’s nothing wrong with sending them an email – as long as your customers feel special.

Coupons or gift cards

This can go hand-in-hand with a thank you card, that can either be mailed or emailed. Give your customers coupons, gift cards or a unique discount code for your products or services.

They’ve most probably spent plenty on your products or services, so there’s no harm in treating them to their next! Depending on your budget, giving a full discount may not be entirely possible but don’t fret! A little goes a long way because even a 50% off discount code would suffice.

Thoughtful gift

The gift can be related to your company, or be entirely different from the products or services you provide. For example, if you run a bookshop business, you could give your customer a tote bag.

However, don’t fall prey to the perception that the amount of money spent is equivalent to the gift’s worth. The thoughtfulness and effort you put into selecting the gift transcend its monetary value. So, make sure to find a reliable supplier that provides corporate gifts in Singapore that are of high quality but at the same time, won’t break the bank.

Donate to a social cause

In the 21st century, customers are smart and picky, albeit in a good way. They look beyond the surface to sniff out company’s values that they can align themselves with.

Show your customers that you’re on the same wavelength by donating to a charity they care about! This way, you’re forming a relationship that goes beyond your product.


Imagine how delighted you’d be upon getting a present from someone you love. This is how a customer would feel! Giving them gifts also makes them feel seen and special. So, we hope the ideas above would enlighten you on gift-giving to customers!

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