Five Gender-neutral Corporate Gifts that Suit Everyone

March 28, 2018

Corporate gifts are great marketing tools for your business. You can enjoy a lot of benefits by giving the right items. Choosing the right present can boost your company’s visibility and make it a household name. To accomplish that, you need to use a variety of well-thought ideas to ensure that you get the desired results. It also makes your brand noticeable in every possible way.

Most young companies have little to work with when it comes to corporate gifting and it’s hard to find ideas that suit everyone. Remember that mistakes will make your gift occupy a dusty corner in your client’s office. That’s if it luckily escapes the dustbin. Gender-neutral presents are always an excellent idea and work wonderfully with friends, customers, and associates. They please everyone and help to promote gender equality. Here are some ideas that you can consider:

Branded umbrellas

Purchasing corporate gifts in bulk may be strenuous and challenging. Trying to match your contributions with your guests is also a real hassle. Umbrellas are an excellent way to avoid these problems. As umbrellas can last for a long time you can save the leftover umbrellas to use them for your future corporate events.

An umbrella is a unique fashion accessory that is never phased out. It’s size-agnostic and is one of the most unique corporate gift ideas for both men and women. Companies can also send customized gift umbrellas branded with their logo, contact information or business slogan.

Sweet treats

Sweets are well-liked and make a lovely corporate gift for both men and women. From cookies to candies to biscuits, these adorable treats are affordable, and they go a long way in showing your appreciation to workers or clients. You can use this idea if you have to work on a tight budget.

Pieces of art

Art is very classy and is a brilliant choice for a corporate gift. Artworks are gender-neutral and appeal to anyone who has an eye for beauty (both men and women alike). You should consider pieces of art that resonate with the recipients if you want someone to have a great personalized gift.

Branded diaries and pens

Diaries and pens are some of the best products to send, and everyone can use them. It’s always advisable to ensure the quality of your products is high to show elegance and respect to your clients. Bear in mind that cheap books and pens will be damaged and easily forgotten.

Whether the recipient is writing a memoir or a cheque to your billing department, a pen will always be one of his/her best companions. On the other hand, a diary is an elegant corporate gift that shows that you care about the client’s daily life.

Donation to a worthy cause

Everyone loves a company that enjoys giving and donating generously to charitable causes. You can pull the heartstrings of your clients, employees or investors by giving them what they need. It’s important to support something that your customers and business acquaintances love, to ensure that they notice your efforts.

Instead of just donating and telling stories to your clients, you can also involve them in your cause by asking them to contribute donations. You can also use your product to show the amount of donations from your company and encourage clients to purchase more in order to support these monetary donations.

Many companies fail to leave a memorable impression with their corporate gift ideas, resulting in wastage of resources. A great present should be ideal for the recipient and create a lifetime of memories that will contribute to the growth of your business. There are many unique corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore, and you can find a plethora of unisex options that suit your growing company.

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