Fun And Creative Ways To Use Sticky Notes In The Office

December 28, 2018

Sticky notes are very handy in the office, or in life, in general. But, most don’t really think much of them. Other than the occasional to-do list, it’s hard to justify buying sticky notes wholesale in Singapore for the office, even though it’s cheaper to do so. But even so, the problem that remains is, what else are you going to use the sticky notes for?

The fact is, there are many ways to use sticky notes, especially in the office.

1.    Create a Real-Life Pinterest

Have you ever wondered why Pinterest is so popular? It’s mostly because it helps create a visual board of everything that you want or needs to be done. While it’s not practical to simply print your entire Pinterest board, you can use sticky notes as a pseudo-Pinterest in the office to help everyone in the workplace organize everything into categories.

You can make it so that notes at the top are the most important while working your way down to the least important things. This way, everyone in the office can visualize anything from appointments and meetings to quotas and deadlines.

2.    Color-Code the Office

Whether it’s for a certain individual, a specific department or the entire office, you can assign a specific colour to someone or a group of people.

This way, when you see a note, you’ll know who it’s from and quite possibly, how important it is.

3.    Use It as a Makeshift Coaster

Who hasn’t had a bad day made worse by having liquid under their favourite beverage and seeing their desk stained by it, sometimes permanently even?

With sticky notes, you can make sure that doesn’t happen. Just don’t forget to use more two or more though, and stick to plain and non-neon coloured hues so the liquid doesn’t seep in and stain your desk or whatever you’re putting it on top of.

4.    Write Notes to Customers

If your business works with customers on a daily basis, leaving a sweet and thoughtful note after each order is a small, but a well-appreciated gesture that can make them more likely to keep on coming back for more.

Sticky notes are also a great way to remind your client of something, especially if they want it in writing. And believe it or not, a lot of people still prefer to have stuff written instead of digitalized. Sticky notes help remind such people what’s missing or what needs to be done.

5.    Step-by-Step Instructions

You’d be surprised just as to how many people in the office don’t know how to use the different appliances.

You can use sticky notes to write down step-by-step instructions or to remind everyone of something important, like if the printer ink is already running low or not to use a certain appliance too much.

In a world where everything has been digitalized, sticky notes help serve as a reminder that it’s still a good idea to jot things down, especially in the office where productivity is extremely important.

These fun and creative ways to use sticky notes in the office should help give you more ideas on how to use sticky notes around the office – and even at home! Get in touch with a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore if you plan to buy a whole bunch of sticky notes for your office staff as they have the best deals to offer.

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