Functional Items You Can Give as Corporate Gifts

April 24, 2018

Most big corporations and businesses in the country will invest thousands of dollars in buying corporate gifts for their clients and employees. Corporate gift giving is not only a token of appreciation to the gift’s recipient, it goes a long way in marketing a brand and creating a good impression. Additionally, clients will always come back to a place where they feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, you should consider giving out corporate gifts if the practice is non-existent in your company.

Corporate gifts vary from classy and elegant to more practical and personal ones. Elegant gifts are expensive and harder to acquire while most functional gifts are readily available at corporate gift suppliers in Singapore. The choice of one gift over another depends on different things such as the number of recipients, your budget, or your receiver’s personality. Below are some of the more functional items you can give as corporate gifts.

  • A Magic Coffee Mug

Most people love coffee, so a coffee mug will be a useful item. A coffee mug that displays the company logo or personalised text will be a great marketing tool for your brand. Most corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore will customise the mug with a photo or a message to the gift recipients to make it feel more personal.

  • Electrical Devices

Gone are the days when employees had to carry files from one place to another. Today, technology allows us to easily send information to one another or store information online or on different devices. Any self-respecting member of the 21st century will utilise a whole arsenal of electrical devices for work and his or her personal life. Therefore, you can consider gifting small gadgets such as flash drives, classic headphones, iPods, or even a power bank. These gifts are useful both at home and work, hence boosting the productivity of your employees. Placing a company logo on the gadget will be a perfect way of marketing your brand to others.

  • A Custom Pen

A pen is still a necessity in an office. Therefore, you can consider gifting a high-quality pen to your best employee or the most loyal customer. Most corporate institutions will give out pens as promotional items, but you can get high-quality, limited edition designer pens from companies selling unique corporate gifts in Singapore. You can combine this with a hand-made leather journal as a bonus gift.

  • A Drinking Water Bottle

Most people will keep a water bottle on their desk, which can easily spill on their computer or other items. Therefore, you can consider a leak proof water bottle for your employees who work with equipment sensitive to water. In Singapore, a unique corporate gift such as an insulated water bottle would be happily received and stand out from the millions of other cookie cutter corporate gifts.

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts. Therefore, you should enforce the culture of corporate gift giving on different occasions, for example Christmas and other important events. Corporate gifts come in different forms, prices, and styles, so you should be willing to shop around to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Remember that you can use different items to market your brand to a large client pool while at the same time building lasting relationships, things paramount to the growth of a company.

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