Great Gifts for Your Workforce for Your Company Anniversary

March 13, 2018

Maybe your company’s 1st, 5th, 12th anniversary is around the corner, and you’re planning to use the occasion to honor your fantastic team of employees. A work anniversary is a special event for your company to reflect on its successes and appreciate those who’ve played a crucial role in its growth.

Being such a headline event, it is prudent to have a thrilling one complete with fantastic gifts for everyone. After all, studies show that employees tend to promote the company more when they feel appreciated and properly rewarded.

Depending on how you plan to celebrate it, a company’s anniversary can be unassuming and straightforward or great, roller-coaster-exciting and multifaceted – it all depends on how you would like it. If you are thinking of rewarding your employees and showing your appreciation for their effort, you might want to look beyond the obvious.

  • Custom cards with Cash

When opulent gifts are beyond your company’s financial reach, you won’t go wrong with custom cards with a red packet. Many employees welcome it, with research showing that as many as 27% of them like it. It is a simple, inexpensive way that goes a long way in enhancing the company’s image in the minds of its employees.

  • Revamp Performance Bonuses

Of all employee recognition programs, nothing matters more than something that raises their bonuses. Some companies have programs that award employees with extra pay whenever they attain a given aim every month. Such an initiative is unique because it not only shows that the company is growing, but also gives employees reason to keep working to meet their expectations.

  • Public Rewards

You can publicly recognise employees who’ve clocked a record period of service for the company. At a corporate dinner or team-building event, the anniversary will inject a dose of energy to the younger or less productive persons to pull up their socks and put their nose to the grindstone.

  • Work Party

After a year of hard work and a non-stop activity at your offices, maybe a party that brings everyone together to let their hair down would serve as an excellent way of commemorating your firm’s continued and prosperous existence. It could be something like a birthday party with gifts for everyone, a buffet party with little fun or a day-out in an exotic restaurant. Other budget-friendly ideas for your workforce could be a traditional potluck or a games day whereby everyone engages in all games or a themed party.

  • Sway Gifts with Time Off

After a work party or pay rise, it seems most employees prefer a day off as a way of appreciation from their bosses. However, you can jazz it up by gifting their effort and commitment with classy gifts and conveniences. The company can pay for a movie for everyone, surprise everyone with a gym membership card, a company-sponsored outing at a gym or spa or a shopping voucher.

Company-branded gifts like apparel, coffee mugs and drinking cups and other small kitchen appliances as prize gifts during the company’s anniversary also work well. There are plenty of corporate gift suppliers in Singapore to get them from.

A simple but incredible employee gifting idea could be customised gifts. Personalised plaques, electronic devices or handy tools would make fantastic personalised gifts in Singapore.

Whatever unique corporate gifts you opt for, remember that commemorating their efforts demonstrates employee appreciation and enhances their loyalty and commitment to your company.

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