Guide To Corporate Gifting Your Way Through Food

November 9, 2018

From fruits to pastries and cookies, as well as full-sized hams that are just waiting to be placed inside the oven (sometimes even ready-to-eat), food gift baskets are the perfect examples of personalised gifts Singapore, in the world of corporate gift giving.

Below, you’ll find tips and things to keep in mind to help you choose the right corporate food gift for your clients, partners, and employees:

1.    Brand Name vs Generic

Brand name food items are great if you want to impress. But your brand will be fighting for real estate and attention with their logo. While it’s true that the point of giving a gift basket is to give and not to advertise, doing so for another brand isn’t a good idea either.

If possible, consider other options that allow you to give a corporate food gift basket that’s just as delicious and as memorable, while also making sure that your company’s name is the only one they see on the package.

Don’t go overboard with the branding, though. Remember, the point is to give, not to promote.

2.    Do Your Research

Specifically, when it comes to religion.

Most countries are home to many faiths, and during the holidays, it’s easy to think that one holiday-specific gift is good enough for everybody. But, it’s not.

Consider your recipient list first and decide whether or not a particular individual would prefer to receive a holiday-specific gift or something non-denominational. If you’re not sure, go with the latter. Or maybe, don’t give a gift at all.

3.    Use Food as a Reflection of Your Brand

Successful branding isn’t just about printing your logo in the right places. The best and most positive impact happens when you can tell the story behind your products. Or in this particular setting, through corporate gifts.

For example, if it’s time for finals and majority of your client base are students, why not give them some strong coffee and a mug? Or a few of water bottles? They’ll certainly appreciate the thought. A free massage service to your most loyal customers on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is also a good idea as well. You don’t even need to splurge. Even just fancy condiments will do.

As mentioned earlier, do your research. Religious denominations aren’t the only factor you should consider. For example, giving something with gluten, tree nuts, and milk to someone who is allergic to them not only is dangerous, but it’s also inviting a potential lawsuit!

Remember, you want the food to be reflective of your brand, so make sure that it paints you and your business in as positive of a light as possible.

There’s nothing that screams personalised gifts as much as corporate food gifts. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a much easier time sending corporate gifts through food come the holiday season. Personalized plaques in Singapore, accompanied with the perfect food gift, are ideal corporate gifts.

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