How Cards Could Be One of the Greatest Corporate Gifts

July 10, 2018

unique corporate gifts singapore

Sending gifts to your customers and staff is an excellent way of showing your appreciation for their loyalty and support. Gifting has no seasons. You can decide to send the gift any time of the year. It can, however, be a tricky affair especially when you are not sure whether the recipient will like the fit or not. You may also not have an idea of how the gift is likely to cost. Luckily, the world has evolved, and companies have moved away from the traditional kind of gifting to more advanced and versatile ways of sending that thank you to customers and staff.

Gift cards, whether on paper or electronic have made it easy for companies to make smart choices when gifting. With the right type of card, you do not have to spend hours trying to figure out the type of gift to buy the recipient. All you need is to set the right amount, choose a convenient card and voila! The gift is ready for dispatch. Working with the right corporate gifts wholesale store in singapore will also ease the burden.  If you have yet to use this type of gift, here are top reasons that make it one of the greatest corporate gifts:

Gift cards are flexible and easy to use. You do not have to spend time trying to think of the best perfume or outfit to buy a staff or customer. You may also have no idea where to shop or their preferred brand. A gift card gives the recipient an array of choices and they can purchase whatever they feel will suit them. Customized corporate gifts Singapore stores can help you choose the right type of card for your business partner or staff.

Saves time
For a company, time is money. Spending time the right way will make the difference in your sales. Instead of spending time in supermarkets looking for the appropriate gift for your customer, spend the time in boardroom meetings closing deals or meeting your new investors. However, this does not mean that you should not send your loyal customer a gift to show you appreciate them for their support. A gift card will save you the time and serve the purpose. Contract a personalised gifts singapore shop with the work of wrapping and delivering the gift.

Does not require exchanging or returning
Gifting will touch your customer and send a strong message that you are not only interested in their money but also in a lasting business relationship. However, sending the wrong gift is tiresome and embarrassing. If you select the wrong size or colour, the recipient will waste time returning to the store for an exchange. They may even fail to get the right size when returning forcing them to make countless trips to check whether the right one is in stock. This may end up ruining the initial intention. A gift card will eliminate this kind of a hassle and enable your clients to choose their preferred gifts.

Gives freedom
A gift card will give your customers and staff the freedom and convenience while shopping. They will not be limited to a few choices. They can buy gifts that they need and suit them. While sending one, from any of the unique corporate gifts shops in singapore, go for a card that has an extended expiry date. If it’s an e-card, choose a convenient one that the recipient can redeem effortlessly. You can check for top companies that have these type of cards and are commonly used in Singapore.

Form of advertising
Other than appreciating your customers for their support and your staff for their loyalty, gift cards are also a form of advertising. Do not send them out without engraving your company’s logo on them. You can collaborate with a customised corporate gifts Singapore store to have the logo engraved especially when you are gifting several people. As they redeem the gift, they will help advertise your company to their family, friends, and associates.

Move away from the traditional form of gifting. Embrace the convenience of gift cards when sending gifts to your customers. Choose to be unique by awarding your best staff and the top customers with a gift card. Remember to choose some of the best brands like Lovepop especially with e-cards to avoid inconveniencing the recipient. Your kind gesture will have a ripple effect and improve your company’s bottom line.

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