How Corporate Gifting Can Help Spread Awareness for A Good Cause

September 26, 2018

For years, corporate gifts have always revolved around a handful of staples. In the modern times, the said products have become tumblers, power banks, USB flash drives, cheap phone cables, and more. But did you know that corporate gifts are also an excellent method to help bring awareness to certain issues? Like, for example, diseases such as cancer, or movements such as equality for all genders.

In fact, these days, nearly every month of the year is dedicated to honoring a good cause or two. For this very reason, making personalised gifts and corporate gifts that aim to spread awareness of these issues all year long is a very good idea.

1.    Making Social Awareness As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

A nice gift is one thing. A nice gift with your logo imprinted on it is even better. But, what would be best is if the gift is something that raises social awareness on social issues while also carrying your brand name and logo.

This way, recipients are more likely to positively receive your brand and are more likely to do business with you again. This is especially true if the gift stands out and is memorable enough. If you choose the right issue to raise awareness on and time it right, the recipients will constantly talk about your corporate gift with other people.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: you help raise awareness for your chosen social issue while also raising awareness of your brand.

2.    An Impactful Gift that Resonates

Take a look at what Apple and Chanel do – two leading companies in their respective industries. They package their products just well enough to stand out, while also making sure that they’re not over-designed.

To them, less is more.

With corporate gifts that are aimed to help spread awareness for a good cause, a well-crafted gift speaks for itself. Paired with the right kind of packaging, and your gift will make an impact that will resonate with your target audience.

3.    A Way to Tell Your Story

Of course, your company shouldn’t just be giving away corporate gifts aimed to help raise social awareness without fully aligning yourself with it. Customers will be quick to catch on to that, and a fake campaign will only serve to destroy your company’s reputation.

So, ask yourself, why exactly did you decide to go with a particular social issue?

Tell your story. Tell your audience why you’re aligning yourself with such values. Tell them why you believe that it deserves to be recognized more. Be authentic and your clients will resonate with such sentiments and relate more with your brand.

Remember, corporate gifts should be personalised gifts in Singapore. They should tell a story about your brand and what it stands for. This way, even if you only choose 3 to 5 specific products, they will still be able to offer a much better representation of your brand.

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