How Expensive Should a Corporate Gift Be?

May 14, 2019

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You’d be surprised as to how appreciative clients can be when gifted something out of the blue, like a tie, or a pen stand, or a gift basket.

But who are we kidding? As much as we would love to show our love and appreciation for our biggest clients, corporate gifts aren’t always practical. They’re expensive, to say the least. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be always the case. Getting Corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore is a much more affordable option these days,

Furthermore, the important thing when giving away corporate gifts isn’t the price. Rather, it’s whether or not the gift is appropriate and useful.

How much you should spend on your corporate gifts should depend on:

1. Size of account and tenure of relationship

Not all clients are the same. Some have been with you since the start of your business, while others are new. Some may also be your largest accounts and largely the reason why your company is booming these days.

Either way, even if you should show appreciation to all of your clients, it’s only natural to spend a little more time and money on corporate gifts for your biggest accounts.

2. Budget

It’s always necessary to set a budget, especially when giving corporate gifts.

Take note of how much you can afford for each gift to your clients. This way, you can negotiate with corporate gifts suppliers accordingly based on your set budget. Also, it should be pretty obvious, but try not to go over your budget.

3. Consider group gifting

If your biggest clients are a family or another business, it might be a lot more economical to give away a group gift instead of gifting something to them individually.

A good idea is to give away a coupon for a free resort stay for a number of people, Singapore cheap umbrellas in bulk, or a gift certificate for a free picnic bundle. This way, not only do you get to have a chance to show your appreciation for their patronage of your products and/or services, you also give your clients a reason to bond and spend some time together as a group.

Giving away corporate gifts has pretty much become a norm these past few years. In fact, most clients are actually expecting corporate gifts these days. This is good since they’re such a welcoming gesture and especially since most company policies now allow gifting. However, it also means that making sure that your corporate gift stands out becomes a bit harder as well.

Try not to worry too much, though. As long as you try to make it personal and think it through, even something as simple and practical like a cheap USB fan will be much appreciated by a client, especially since these are the types of gifts that they’ll likely put on top of their gifts and use every day.

Ultimately, what you want your corporate gift to achieve is to show that you’re thankful for the continued business relationship, that the relationship means a lot to your company, and finally, that you’re looking forward to doing business with them.

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