How Often Should You Gift Your Employees

September 27, 2018

Look, if you are the type of boss who waits until the end of the year to give out gifts to your employees, then you have a lot to improve on. Corporate gifts are extensive and not necessarily tangible products. For example, a ‘thank you’ message either through a phone call or text can be a gift.

The good news is that continually giving gifts, whether tangible or not is the best reminder that you actually care about your staff as human beings. That is the best way to forge lasting relationships, especially if you have many employees in your company. In fact, corporate gifting could be your most important networking hack.

This article highlights a number of gifts that are fitting for your employees’, season in season out. Read on for more insight.

Recognise Good Job Performance

This is somewhat straightforward. Human beings always desire praise and positive reception. The more you recognise the excellent performance of your staff, the more content and motivated they will be. For example, you can choose to recognise and personally congratulate the best performing sales representatives of that week. When doing this with your staff, always try to be more specific. While general compliments like ‘well done’ or ‘excellent job’ are nice, they are not as effective as ‘I admire how you went against all odds to find a great deal for our company.’ Identify the specific details of what your employees do and this will go a long way in improving the productivity levels of your employees in return.

Spare some of your valuable time

Do not be so busy that you cannot create time for your staff. Always spare some time to talk with your workers, even if it’s just a few minutes. This is the perfect way to establish and encourage a personal touch with your staff. For instance, you can adopt the practice of personally calling up all those workers who have closed their first major sale as a way to encourage them. In fact, this will pump them up to even achieve more.

Of course, the more your company expands, the more difficult it will be for you to spend time with all your employees on personal level. Therefore, ensure you inculcate the same idea in your managers and directors, so that they also spare time for interacting with their respective teams.

Personalize corporate gifts

Identify the needs and wants of your employees and then award them with personalised gifts, such as a personalised leather wallet. It shows that you care about them. Of course, this will require some time and effort. But it will considerably strengthen your relationship with your staff.

For example, if the chair and desk used by your employee are exhibiting signs of wear and tear, replace them with new ones. Also, consider giving out posters, mugs, pens, or other stuff that are branded with your employees’ preferred names, quotes or mantras.

Also, consider the option of learning gifts. Ask your member of staff what skill they wish to learn or gain further knowledge on. Then, enroll them in a short course, like a language class or workshop or buy them a book that improves that exact skill.

Unexpected Surprise

Through unexpected surprise gifts, you can keep up with gifting your staff on a regular basis. Every employee would like being surprised with a gift. The unexpected nature of the gift will certainly bring happiness to your employee. Just stick to cheap corporate gifts in Singapore and avoid getting overly fancy. For example, identify where your employees prefer to shop or eat out and give them a voucher.

Celebrate Professional Milestones

While you can gift your employees year-round, do not forget gifts to commemorate festive seasons and professional milestones. It is an easy and simple way to deepen a relationship. During the Christmas period, you can organise a party for all your employees to celebrate the festivities. At the same time, when any new employee reaches their first year job anniversary, you can choose to gift them.

Remember, gifting your employees doesn’t necessarily have to include tangible items. This way, you can reward them every so often without breaking the bank.

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