How Some Startups Have Redefined The World Of Corporate Gifting

October 25, 2018

Corporate gifts are often given out of tradition or necessity where most companies usually don’t put much thought behind them. These gifts are simply given out to loyal customers and business partners to help keep an open line of communication between both parties. However, the whole business of corporate gifting is more than meets the eye.

If done correctly, corporate gifts are a great way to aid a business’ cause and make it stand out. Most corporate gifts are very rarely utilized to their fullest extent, and yet there is a huge advantage for those who know how to use them well.

That’s exactly what a lot of startups have successfully managed to do in recent years.

For many of them, corporate gifts aren’t just given out of compulsion – they are often personalized gifts given based on careful thought and consideration, such as personalized plaques.

Here are some ways startups have redefined the act of corporate giving:

1.    They research their recipients

Startups don’t just give gifts for the sake of it. They do their homework. They take the time to consider a recipient’s background, including what they like and don’t like, and even their personality.

While customized corporate gifts may seem like an huge inconvenience in Singapore – when given to a particular individual who means a lot to the company’s success (big donors, loyal customers etc.), they can do a lot more to further the business’ interests and are worth the added cost in the long-run.

2.    They ask the right questions

Today’s startups know all too well how corporate gifts can be a huge waste if done negligently. This is why they’re not afraid to ask themselves if their gifts are: useful, memorable, and visible.

These three criteria are extremely important when it comes to accessing your corporate gifts.

Even if you don’t individually research all the recipients, think about whether or not the gifts can actually be used to market your brand at the same time. For example, can you use your gift to help your brand’s awareness? Just think about it. How many times have you bought coffee from a particular coffee shop just because you saw a friend using a tumbler from them? What if you were to execute the same concept a personalized plaque? The options are endless.

3.    They execute and follow up

Gifts create conversations. Or at least that’s how the saying goes, and it’s true. This is also why it’s important to follow-up with recipients after they have received their gifts.

When you give corporate gifts to a client, donor or potential customer, you have a good reason to reach out to them and ask them how they feel and think about it. This alone makes giving corporate gifts extremely valuable.

By following up with recipients, you are able to build a relationship with someone who already thinks positively of your company simply because you took the time and effort to give them a well-thought-out gift. This already puts you in at a significant advantage compared to your competitors.

These days, relationships are extremely important, especially for businesses. This is why the most successful startups in Singapore and around the world recognize the value of customized corporate gifts. By taking the time to choose the right corporate gifts, they help strengthen the company’s relationships with people who are truly valuable to the business.

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