How To Avoid Getting In Trouble With Corporate Gifting

February 5, 2018

Corporate gifts may sound like a great marketing tool that will earn you the respect and admiration of your clients. You may think that buying your clients both personalised and customised gifts will get your brand ahead of the competition. More importantly, you think that corporate gifts will increase your sales dramatically and fulfil your business goals.

There is nothing wrong in thinking this way. However, you need to be aware of the pitfalls if you fail to deliver the right gifts. There are a few laws that you will need to adhere to when giving corporate gifts. We have compiled the following list to prevent you from getting into trouble with giving gifts to your clients.

Things to avoid when buying and giving corporate gifts

Don’t get too personal

This is a delicate balancing act. Getting your clients personalised gifts does not mean that you two are lifelong friends. This is where you need to be smart. You should give your clients gifts that are not too personal otherwise they will lose the essence of being corporate gifts. The personalised gifts in Singapore should still embody a level of corporate professionalism.

Thin line between gifts and bribes

Your corporate gifts should come across as corporate gifts, honest tokens of appreciation, and not as bribes in order to get an unfair advantage over your competitors by currying favour with your clients. It must be clear to your clients that you are simply giving them a gift and not demanding anything in return.


Remember the differences in culture when you are buying your clients corporate gifts. This is why it is important to have a little background information about the person you are giving corporate gifts. Some gifts or gestures considered acceptable in certain parts of the world are unacceptable in other parts of the world. If you are not careful, your unique corporate gift could end up as something offensive and rude to the recipient.


Corporate gifts are not something that you can just hand out any time you feel like. There are strict policies that need to be followed in business. There are several ethical codes that you need to adhere to when sending corporate gifts. You need to consider the timing of your gifts.

Sending your clients a gift may seem inappropriate during certain time periods. You are not supposed to send gifts when bidding and contract renewal are in progress. Sending a gift may seem like a deliberate and calculated act to get an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Final words

There is no need for you to get in trouble with corporate gifting. You need to be careful with how you handle the gifting process or else you lose your credibility. If you are not sure what gift to buy, visit corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore to have an idea of what may be ideal for your clients.

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