How To Get The Best Out Of Corporate Gifting

March 6, 2018

Corporate gifting is a great way to get ahead and know your clients better. If done properly, corporate gifting makes you a brand that strives to make its customers happy. Playing the corporate gifting cards well can help to improve your long-term performance. More importantly, it keeps people talking about you and your brand.

As corporate gifting is an effective and indirect tool for marketing your brand, here are some of the best ways of making corporate gifting work for you.

Making corporate gifting work for you

You can make corporate gifting work for you by adopting the methods listed below:

Keep your eye on policies

There are many policies and regulations that determine how much we can spend on corporate gifts. These rules need to be adhered to because they place limits on how much can be spent on corporate gifts. We want to avoid a situation where it appears like you are bribing the client. Here, a professional corporate gift supplier in Singapore can advise you on the pertinent policies and regulations.

Be trendy and fashionable

Everyone loves trendy and fashionable stuff, even those entrapped in the corporate world. Before giving your gifts, take the time to check if there are any trendy items that may be appealing to your customers. The idea is to create an environment where they like and adore your work. Put some personal touch to it so that the clients can be blown away.

Know the limits

Gifting is not a directing marketing platform. It is a way to appreciate your clients and the business relationship you have. Your gifts should represent this. They should not be accompanied by any marketing material from your company such as brochures and flyers.

Have unique corporate gift ideas

Don’t be boring and gift your clients what they would be expecting. Take them by surprise and give them something that will leave them wondering how you sourced or even thought of it. You need to have unique corporate gifts ready.

Let your gifts mean something

Although it is nice to give your clients gifts randomly, it makes more sense to give them gifts during major events such as an office opening or corporate anniversary celebration.

Corporate gifts supplier Singapore

If you are still unsure of what to buy, it is best to go to corporate gifts supplier in Singapore so that you can have an idea of what you can do and cannot do. You can also ask for advice from the sales consultants. Always remember that corporate gifting can only work for you if you play your cards right. There is no need to go overboard without coming out as someone who did a half-hearted job.

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