Ideas For Employers Looking To Spice Up Office Life

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Following the same work routine from Monday to Friday can become mundane after a while. This can make employees feel unmotivated and low spirited, thus affecting productivity and results for the company.

Breaking the monotony can uplift the mood of your workers, and result in more motivated workers. Spur on your staff team using these tips to shake up their work lives!

Hire the right people for the job

People who are passionate about their work shouldn’t feel unmotivated in the office. If you are in the process of hiring new staff, keep this in mind! Hiring the right people will go a long way to ensure productivity in the office. Self-driven workers can also be the spark to encourage other team members.

Conduct staff training workshops

Training workshops are a welcome respite from the clockwork routine. Although still labelled as ‘work’, these training programmes are typically more interactive and engaging for employees, where they get the opportunity to mingle and do something different. These activities can be used to train employees in relevant skills, or could be team-building oriented to promote cohesion and cooperation within your team.

Have open lines of communication

Gone are the days where organisations are strictly hierarchical. Communication is vital between the different departments and ranks in the company to facilitate work as well as staff welfare. Being intentional about communicating with your employees is essential to make them feel valued and cared for. Some methods you can implement include a suggestion box system, a monthly forum, or one-on-one chats. Employees will appreciate the safe space they have to share their struggles, and co-workers can learn to be more empathetic and accommodating to each other. This also gives employers a chance to affirm and encourage their staff members regularly.

Break the day-to-day routine

If the nature of your work is quite mundane, you can spice it up in other ways. For example, some offices implement casual Fridays, when workers can come to work dressed in comfortable clothes. Another way to inject fun into office life is to invest in a break room, and fill it with activities that workers can enjoy during their breaks or after work hours.

Your company could also set aside a small budget to treat the staff occasionally. A surprise lunch treat will always be welcome, and brings the office together to share the food. Celebrating your staff member’s birthdays is also a good excuse to spring treats on your staff. For example, you can buy corporate gifts wholesale for affordable gifts to present your employees. Case in point: The affordability of cheap umbrellas in bulk in Singapore means they are a practical gift your employees will surely find a use for. For a personalised touch, you can also consider getting them custom leather wallets from Singapore

Get your team involved

Workers feel more motivated when they feel like they have a stake in the company. Thus, it is crucial to foster a sense of belonging in them. This can be done by involving your employees in company decision-making, so that they can have a say in how the company progresses. Adding to that, they will feel immensely proud if their idea is implemented and contributes positively to the company.

These tips will come in handy to stir up some excitement in the office and motivate your employees to continue with their hard work. While it is inevitable that some types of work are mundane, you can spice it up using these ideas to make your staff team excited about work again!