Make Them Feel Special: Cheap Customised Gifts In Singapore

Personalised & Customised Gifts Singapore

Maybe you are looking to impress that special someone, or to express your heartfelt gratitude to your employees for their daily efforts, or even just to give out a lovely gift. If you intend to do any of the above, personalised gifts should be the solution you are looking at.

As its name implies, personal gifts are not your regular, over the counter presents. Customising gifts will typically cost you a bit more effort and time. You must consider the recipient and how you personalise the gift so that it suits their tastes. After all, personalised gifts are meant to please its recipient while capturing your gratitude. However, there are several cheap yet useful products that you can customise and give to others as a corporate gift. Examples of such cheap products include card cases, sports towels and even polo tees.

Expressing your feelings, whatever they may be, is the crux of personalised gifts. By customising their present, you are showing to them that they are important to you. You want them to feel that burst of emotion when they receive their gift, to let them know they are worth the added effort.

From a more economical and corporate perspective, there are multiple benefits to distributing personalised gifts. These benefits are not restricted to businesses in Singapore but are applicable for anywhere around the globe.

Expressing your gratitude to your employees through customised gifts may result in higher morale levels in your company, as your employees will feel appreciated. Increased morale could eventually result in higher productivity. When gifting business partners, customised gifts could lead to a better working relationship.


More so than any other gift, you should be aware of who the gift is for and its occasion. For personal relationships, you can customise just about anything as a present. However, personalised corporate gifts in Singapore can be hard to visualise if you are giving them to your employees, as you still have to cater to a large number of people.

It is difficult to give pre-set examples and ideas for personalised gifts, simply as they are meant to be unique for each recipient. Still, here are a few examples of personalised gifts.

When trying to decide on customised corporate gifts for your employees, you could try to provide a different present for each department in your company. For example, employees who frequently interact with customers, you could give them a stylish pen with their names engraved on it. For employees handling programming back work, providing them individual ergonomically friendly mouse pads or laptop stands would be a thoughtful way to express your gratitude.

A customised case of wines will be a fantastic gift for a business partner if he or she is an avid wine connoisseur. No one in Singapore, or anywhere in the world, would dislike good quality wines as a gift. Furthermore, customising it to suit their tastes would be hugely impressive. If they enjoy doing business with you, this should lead to an improved working relationship, potentially bringing you further economic benefits.

These examples may seem wildly different, but they share a common theme of understanding the preferences, or needs, of the recipient and use that as a guide to customise their gift. If you are still unsure, we at will be more than happy to orientate you in the right direction for that perfect customised gift, be it for personal or corporate reasons.