Quality Corporate Gifts for Event Planners

September 19, 2018

Whether it’s a corporate gift to a new vendor, gifts to outstanding employees during annual meetings, or gifts sent as a show of appreciation for a customers’ business, the idea of corporate gift giving is essential for event planners. Ideally, corporate gifts serve to connect you and your clients and set your company apart out there. Remember, corporate gift giving should not be done just once in a year. The attitude of giving should be done regularly throughout the year to build lasting relationships between you and your clients.Any corporate gift you award to the attendees portrays the image and reputation of your company. Send the wrong gift, and it may be thrown out or end up in the bottom drawer. Even worse, a low-quality gift can dent your image. You can buy quality gifts without having to break your budget.

Fortunately, there are ways to choose quality business gifts that will be highly appreciated by recipients and forge strong relationships moving forward. Read on.

Make it useful

A business gift that is of use will end up being used regularly, and that’s your aspiration at the end of the day. A good example is tech gadgets, and you can be sure that everyone is using these devices daily. Consider a battery power bank, a solar-powered mobile charger or an external hard drive. Other practical items to consider include an umbrella, a tote bag or a scarf. Package these useful items nicely, and the recipients will appreciate them while your business remains in their minds for longer.

Customize it

Look at business gift options that you could customise with the event name, your company logo, or anything symbolic about the event. The objective is to get Singapore corporate gifts in wholesale that can be customised without looking overly promotional. Custom designs with essential paintings, logos, or symbols often stir up a concept without necessarily mentioning it.

Personalise it

Rather than giving away gifts customised with your company name or logo, consider branding the item with the name of the recipient. A personalised gift is at all times meaningful from a personal point of view. Some of the gift items you can personalise include diaries, stationery, pens, calendars and coffee mugs. The list is endless.

On the other hand, personalised gifts that portray that you know the recipient well and what they like will always be valued. If they love coffee, giving them a lovely coffee hamper will be highly cherished. If they love cooking, a set of kitchen cutlery or a recipe book may mean a lot to them. If they are an ardent entrepreneur, the latest book on entrepreneurial skills and success will be a hit.

With cheap personalised gifts in Singapore, always do your homework to make sure the recipient cherishes these types of items, and they are of high quality.

Go green

With the subject of climatic change trending right now, you might want to be on the forefront of conserving the environment. In this regard, giving away eco-friendly corporate gifts in Singapore is one of the ways to show you care about the environment. So what are some of the green gifts around? These include a stainless steel water bottle, a tree seedling to plant, a potted plant for the work desk, a scarf designed from recycled fabric, or anything handcrafted.

A well-being gift

Akin to greening, the wellness trend is also on the lips of everyone these days. Everyone desires a healthy and fit body and lifestyle. Why not send a gift that portrays that you care about the recipient’s well-being? A subscription to a health and fitness magazine, a voucher for a yoga session or some fitness gear would be much appreciated.

Giving to a charitable cause

Why not give to a charitable organisation on behalf of an individual? Look for charitable causes that align with your company’s or event’s values. This type of gift giving gives the recipient a good feeling knowing their gift is helping out a needy person out there. Furthermore, it is indeed a better gift idea than giving the recipient something they don’t want or need.

In the end, your ingenuity in choosing quality corporate gifts will always be limited by the number of expected attendees and your budget expenditure. Therefore, know the number you need for each gift item and the budget you are working with.

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