Showing Customer Appreciation: 6 Important Tips When Gifting

November 1, 2019

There are many ways to show appreciation for customers – offering a loyalty program, thank you video, special sales, and so on. While there are many ways to do put a smile on their face – a gift is what we’re going to focus on today!

Popping up a gift alongside their usual order can go a long way – they’ll value both the order, the free gift, and your company! However, not every gift can really speak to their heart – so it’s important you choose the right gift carefully.

Below, we will show you what it takes to select the gifts to show your gratitude to your customers!

1. Personalisation

When a gift is specially customised to a customer’s taste or preferences – they are bound to value the gift even more! Take uniform printing; for instance; it’s a perfect way of making the gift personalised.

Consider their shopping cart every time they purchase your items: do they like going for flowery patterns or monochromatic designs? Or do they like to ordering their favourite snack or beverage?

All these matters if you want to incorporate something of value to them into their t-shirts or any other item you have in mind! Otherwise, a simple handwritten note to accompany the gift will make them appreciate the gift much more as well.

2. Usefulness

An excellent gift should serve a practical purpose. You should offer gifts that leave a lasting impression – simply put – something that helps them throughout their daily lifestyle!

There are many different gifts you can offer from sticky notes, phone cables to even safety gifts. Whether they’re a student or working adult – these will prove to be useful in the near future.

3. Portable

Most people would prefer gifts that are easy-to-carry and light – so they can bring them around anytime! Moreover, it shouldn’t be too big so that customers are able to store them easily.

In that case, simple gifts like a travel organiser and foldable bag will definitely be transportable. They’ll also come in handy as customers can use them on-the-go for their daily needs.

4. Durable

A gift should maintain its value at all cost. Avoid giving customers perishable or fragile items – you want your customers to keep the gifts with them as long as possible.

Gifts like leather goods and adorable plushies will keep them satisfied – but more importantly – they won’t get spoiled easy. Customers appreciate a thoughtful gift that has high durability – they can keep the gift for a long time and cherish it.

5. Business-related

While it is true that gifting your customer is all about showing your appreciation for them – why not kill two birds with one stone?

As you are picking out your gift for them – you should also ensure that the ideal gift is related to the business. It should remind the customer about your business whenever they come in contact with it.

If you run a clothing store, you may consider gifting customers with caps. Just remember to not go overboard with the branding, logos or designs! Keep the design subtle yet as noticeable as possible so that each time the customer puts it on – they remember your clothing line.

6. Safety

You may least expect it, but some gifts may invite medical complications or worsen one’s allergies. In other words, your choice of gift should not trigger any of these conditions.

At the same time, you should also ensure that the gift is not dangerous in any way – no sharp edges, and no choking hazard if your target audience is children. In regards to this aspect, it’s best that you conduct some customer research to determine the best gift to offer.

When selecting gifts for your customers – always keep them in mind. Seek some useful information such as their background information to know the best gifts to give them. If you still don’t have any options – try looking for a company with corporate gifts in Singapore; all their presents are catered to employees, partners, customers – basically anyone in the business world! You’ll be sure to find a suitable gift for your customer in no time.

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