Simple Ways To Celebrate Work Anniversaries

October 30, 2018

When employees do not feel appreciated, it would seem as though they have worked forever in the same position. Celebrating the work anniversary of an employee or the milestones they have made is something that is usually overlooked by most employers. Celebrating work anniversaries does not have to be expensive or complicated; neither does it have to disrupt the entire work schedule. You can give simple gifts, as simple as personalised plaques with a personal message.

There are simple ways to show your employees how much you appreciate them. It can be as simple as celebrating work anniversaries every couple of years, if not every year. A few resourceful gestures will have a significant impact on the significance of the input to the company. It shows them that each year of their service is celebrated, and their contributions are not taken for granted.

The ideas highlighted below can help you show your appreciation when celebrating your employees’ anniversaries.

Give a Voucher

One way you can celebrate your employees’ anniversary is to get them a voucher. It could be shopping or educational voucher, or one that will get them out of their comfort zone. Examples of coupons you can offer include rock climbing, skiing, surfing lessons, or ballroom dancing classes. This will give the employee a day off work, and it will be double appreciation to them.

Let a Friend Organize a Celebration

Close colleagues at work can organise a surprise for the employee in question. A close colleague will know what he or she likes best, and they can arrange something. The more personalized the celebration, the more appreciated the employee will feel. In any case, a cake is essential.

Anniversary Desk Explosion

If you want to go with an idea that will not take too much time or keep the employee away from work, decorate their desk. The decorations can be made on or a few days before the actual anniversary day. This not only tells them that you remember their first day at work but shows that you are also celebrating a milestone.

Epic ideas include surrounding their desk with streamers and balloons and their computer with reminders of funny incidents that happened at work. It will give you a good feeling to see your employee’s surprised face as they walk into a nicely decorated desk.

Notes of Appreciation

Personal milestones can be celebrated in simple expressions. An anniversary will make more meaning and carry more weight if an employee receives a stack of post-it notes from the whole department. It would be more meaningful if the notes have stories of why the employee is valuable to the company.

This may come off as cheap in some companies, but just as the saying goes: it is the thought that counts. Every employee would love to reminisce the best times of his or her working life with your company.

A Day Off

Giving employees a day off as a way of celebrating their anniversary would mean a lot to them. If it is not possible to accord all employees a day off, consider giving it to those who have been in the company longer than a specific period.


Don’t let your employees feel unappreciated especially if they have been loyal and stuck with your company for years. Celebrating their work anniversaries does not have to be expensive, neither does it have to disrupt the work schedule. Budget corporate gifts can be bought for fantastic prices from the right suppliers.

Simple gestures like planning a surprise celebration, giving them a voucher, or giving them a day off to celebrate their achievements will go a long way in boosting their morale and increasing their loyalty.

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