Six Festive Corporate Gifting Ideas

May 31, 2018

You have all worked tirelessly all year round to achieve excellent results. Your employees have shown nothing but loyalty and commitment towards your mission and vision. You have also enjoyed a great relationship with your clients. They have always come back to purchase your products, or services, leaving all the other companies.

Earning client loyalty does not come naturally. It takes time, effort and excellent customer service. Now that you enjoy such loyalty from customers and staff alike, it’s about time you showed some little gratitude to them. Corporate gifting is one of the ways of putting your customers and employees on their back. You don’t have to spend a fortune here. What matters is the attitude when gifting. Your employees will feel a valued part of the company and will enjoy better services from them.

Your clients will also appreciate that you went out of your way to remember them during the festivities. They will even show off the gifts to their friends and relatives, and just like that, you will have branded your company. If you have no idea how to go about, the ideas discussed below will give you a head start.

Shopping vouchers

Gifting can be tricky especially when you do not know the recipient properly. You may have a difficult time selecting the right gift for them. Your fear is that the gift could be misinterpreted and ruin your good intentions. This especially so for customers. You do not want to ruin a wonderful relationship with them by sending the wrong signals with your gifts. In that case, a shopping voucher is an excellent gift for them. Look for the suitable store in Taiwan and send them a voucher that they can redeem conveniently. That way, they will have the freedom to choose whatever suits them.


These are your go-to options when it comes to unique corporate gifts. The beauty of calendars is that they will also market your company. Look for a reputable customised gifts Singapore dealer and strike a deal. The dealer can incorporate your company’s logo stylistically to make the calendar look captivating. You can then have all your product features discussed on each page of the calendar. Send this to your customers with a thank you card. They will appreciate the gesture by shopping more with you. Distribute the calendars among your employees. They will be glad to display them in their homes.

Personalised mugs

Select some of your top clients and reward them with customised mugs. Have their names written on the cups and deliver to their homes or offices. However, ensure you have their name correct otherwise they will feel demeaned and taken for granted. Ensure the quality is excellent and you will have an exquisite piece. You can cut down your cost by working with a personalised gifts supplier in Singapore. You will also enjoy uniformity and avoid too much hustle. Once you have established the quality is according to your specifications, you can ask the supplier to deliver the gift to your clients. You can extend the same to your top employees. They will be glad to show it off to family and colleagues and feel motivated. The move will also challenge other staff to work smarter to get such recognition.

Branded umbrellas

Umbrellas are also an excellent gift idea for customers and staff. They will come in handy especially during the rainy season. Use your company colours and logo on them. They will serve as advertising materials for your company. Buy them during summer, as the prices are likely to be lower. Once the rains start, distribute to your intended recipients. You will enjoy publicity and loyalty from both staff and customers.

Holiday coupons

Save this exceptional gift for the selected few. You can decide to gift to the employee of the year. Set a target and reward the best during the festivities. As they compete for the prize, they will help meet the company’s bottom line. Extend the same gesture to your customers, but in a different way. You can run a promotion and pick the winner via random selection. Remember to give a coupon for two. The winners will enjoy best with a partner or spouse.


Festivities come with lots of dining. If you are running out of ideas, consider hosting customers and employees for a luncheon or dinner. Select some of the best resultants in Taiwan and send them personalised cards to the event. Ensure the restaurant of your choice has a wide selection of cuisine to give your guests an array of options. During the dinner or lunch, give a speech appreciating them for their input towards the growth of the enterprise. You can even make it better by offering transport to and from the event. Alternatively, you can go to a central venue with easy transport access.

Gifting is an old tradition that does not seem to fade. The tradition has gained popularity the world over especially during festivities. It is a show of appreciation. Used carefully, it has the power to mend broken relationships and cement existing ones. Use the ideas above to appreciate the people that have worked to build your firm. They will reciprocate the gesture.

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