Strengthening Relationships Through Gifting

October 24, 2018

The power in gift giving is strong because it conveys a sign of happiness, gratitude as well as enhances the bond between the giver and the recipient. Giving gifts is not only limited to families, friends, and couples but can also happen in a business setting.

The art of giving gifts isn’t that simple, and many people have made foul calls when deciding which gift to pick. If you have faced the same problem before, it is wise for you to understand how giving the right one can strengthen your relationship with the recipient.

When getting a gift idea for a family member, a partner, a close friend or a colleague, it’s essential that you buy what they would want and not what you think they would want. It doesn’t have to be draining; you can get them something as simple as a tea set if they love taking tea a lot, or a coffee grinder if they are coffee fanatics.

Very simple gifts like flowers or books can also mean a lot to them if they are nature-lovers or a bookworm. By knowing what they like, you’ll be able to find the simplest gifts without any difficulty.

Relationship Longevity

This one might seem like basic common sense; though it’s a fact that sometimes when love is ruling us, common sense is hard to come by.

So, here’s the usual catch, you have fallen pretty hard for your partner. But if you have only dated them for a few weeks, common sense dictates that expensive jewelry or a phone is not the moment’s appropriate gift. Giving them a gift that is way too expensive is likely to cause them discomfort even if it is not posing any financial constraints to you.

Early dating suggestions in gifting are flowers, wine, a DVD, a book or favorite chocolate flavor. Tone up and remain simple at the start.

You also have to consider the path that you and your partner have chosen. That will also act as a guide as you choose the gift to present to your partner.

Consider the Five Languages of Love

In these five languages there exist ways in which we feel loved. Where giving and showing love is concerned, be conscious of those things that are of great importance to your partner. It may be very different from how you are programmed to express your love or your way of experiencing love offered.

The languages of love are:

  1. Words of affirmation – You can consider writing a love poem, or better yet, present to him or her with a book of poetry whereby you marked your favorite poems. Keep it simple by writing your heartfelt words on the wrapping paper as a decoration to your gift.
  2. Quality time – Give a gift that resembles an experience that you both shared to reminisce about the good old times. You can also suggest that to have one particular day in a month that you use to focus on yourselves. Shut out the entire world and have fun.
  3. Receiving gifts – Prepare to be spoilt for choice when you’re shopping for a gift in Singapore, you can consider a personalized leather wallet or personalized tumbler as a present for your significant other. Adding a personal touch will definitely make the gift memorable for him or her.
  4. Acts of service – Would your partner like it if you cooked a home meal of their choice? If they do, then you know what you have to do next. Think of acts of love that pamper your partner and those you can offer comfortably.
  5. Physical touch – Treat your partner with a professional massage for a good relaxation time after a hard day’s work. But if you have some skills at massaging, don’t be afraid to give him or her a sensual massage with incense, music and candles. It is definitely more meaningful as compared to a professional massage.

Be practical

Do you have a partner who is budget –minded and very practical? If that is the case, then presenting them with a gift that they could purchase themselves might be a bright idea. Consider giving them a basket of office supplies or even car washing items.


There are many factors that you should consider when you are choosing a gift that gives you a chance to prolong or strengthen the bonds in your relationship. Always take your time to know your partner first to avoid making a big mistake in the form of a gift presented. Do not think of your partner only and neglect yourself; also take note to get a gift that will not strain you financially.

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