The Theory Behind Giving Unique Corporate Gifts

April 17, 2018

Building a successful relationship with your clients isn’t easy. A lot of factors come into play in making sure that a client remains yours for years if not decades. One of the most underrated methods of keeping clients satisfied is by sending them personalised, unique corporate gifts in Singapore. Though it’s a simple gesture, it goes a long way in letting clients know that you care about them.

Below are a couple of good reasons why you should think of giving your clients gifts more often:

1. Everybody’s Doing It

This isn’t to say that you should be copycat, but when everybody in your industry (but you) is doing it, then there clearly is something wrong with your approach. From giving them a free subscription or a day at their favourite spa, or a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers, what kind of gift you give (or don’t give) says a lot about your company.

By seeking out what your client prefers and giving them a gift is a way to remind them that you value their trust and the business relationship you both have.

2.    It Helps Reinforce Your Brand

What does your brand stand for? Going the extra mile? Thoughtfulness? Putting customers first? All of these values are reinforced by giving gifts to your clients. By making them personal with custom-made branding with the logo of your company sprawled all over it, your clients will associate your company and your company’s logo with warmth and something positive. In Singapore, customised gifts will go a long way to giving your business a good name.

3.    It Helps Open Up The Lines of Communication

When your gift arrives, the client will, most likely, send their thanks. That’s another chance to stay relevant by discussing the new services and products your company is currently offering. And because your gift is likely to stay with them for a while, you and your business will be front and center of her mind for at least a few days, which should only serve to improve customer retention and loyalty.

4.    It Helps You Stand Out

Your business isn’t the only one that your client patronises, but gifting puts you in prime position to be their favourite. And, as we all know, people are most likely to do business with companies that they know and like. Sending a gift or two every now and then, especially during special occasions, is an excellent way to help make your business standout as the ideal partner.

Corporate gift giving is on the rise. More and more companies these days are starting to realize that business relationships aren’t just strictly business anymore; there’s a way to make it a bit more personal while still keeping things professional, and the act of corporate gift giving is a good example of how to do encourage such relationships.

For best results, find a trustworthy professional corporate gift supplier in Singapore. Talk to them to give them the time to understand what your company is all about and your client’s preferences, to handle all of your corporate gift-giving needs.

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