The Ultimate Guide To Corporate Gifting Do’s & Don’ts

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For first-timers, corporate gifting in Singapore may be tricky. It is essential to be privy to the do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting to make a good impression, and, more importantly to avoid offending anyone or bringing embarrassment upon yourself and others. This guide will briefly inform you of the major do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting which can help you be a corporate gift expert.


The dos are obviously what you should aim to do. Here are three do’s that will help you out a lot:

  • Make sure your corporate gift is practical- To be practical means to be feasible, effective or useful. A practical corporate gift is therefore one which the user can use at any time. This may include pens, clocks, mugs or notepads which are used daily and will actually assist the receiver. These gifts will also, when used, remind the recipient of you and it will put you in good favor with him or her, as by gifting a practical gift, you give the impression that you are thoughtful and considerate which are respectable, attractive and commendable attributes. This will encourage these people to work with you and even foster closer relationships.
  • Make your gift presentable – The outward appearance of a gift can determine how well it is received. If a gift is wrapped in an untidy or tacky manner, the recipient will not be as thrilled or excited to see what is inside and their reaction to it may lead to an awkward encounter. Additionally, some persons may see its appearance as offensive or unprofessional and will use that gift to judge your character and enterprise. If you find that you are unable to make your gift presentable, these services are available at various corporate gifts wholesalers in Singapore.
  • Try to personalise the gift as much as possible – Simple things such as handwritten names, decorating or personally delivering the gift can make the recipient feel more appreciated and he /she will most likely receive the gift much better than if it is seemingly a part of a mass gifting exercise. This also encourages closer relationships and builds tighter bonds.


There are some things to avoid when corporate gifting. Here are a few:

  • Avoid pricey gifts – There are a number of reasons why buying expensive gifts are not a good idea. One such reason is that expensive corporate gifts may be an unnecessary expense which incur a higher opportunity cost. Another reason is that expensive gifts may make people feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable and unwilling to accept an expensive gift as it causes them discomfort or to feel offended.
  • Avoid using gifts to promote your product or business – Gifting a promotional item is simply not a gift. It is advertising. While some persons may not see a problem with doing so, others may find it offensive or insincere as the aim was not to gift but to simply further his or her business outreach.
  • Avoid giving cultural or religious gifts – It is common for corporate gifts to be given during special holidays and events, but one must be very careful when doing so. This is because of the many different cultures and religions in cosmopolitan societies. In order not to cause offense or embarrassment, it is important to study or research the employee pool and client lists to ascertain an ideal time to gift give and particular religious and cultural beliefs.

If this guide seems like mumbo-jumbo to you and you are still uncertain about corporate gifting, you will be pleased to know that there are corporate gifting wholesalers in Singapore who have the expertise in corporate gifting and will guarantee best results should you seek their services and expertise.