Tips on Giving Memorable Corporate Gifts

September 7, 2018

Consumers have a huge variety of options when it comes to the items and services they purchase. Even after buying something from you, their continued purchases are not confirmed. The next day, they could buy the same product from another company if they are not satisfied with your services or the product itself. Therefore, customer retention is essential to sustainable company growth.

How do you show your clients the extent to which you care and respect their business? Apart from offering them a high quality product and exceptional customer service, the best solution is corporate gifts.

When choosing premium corporate gifts Singapore, you want to pick items that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. The truth is that most of the sweets, treats, and holiday gifts with your company brand on them often end up in the trash or a donation can. Here are the best practices for corporate gifting that will help leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Think Beyond the Holidays

Most people are fond of relegating corporate gifting to the festival season, especially during the Christmas and New Year period. Ideally, while sending a gift during Christmas is mandatory, corporate gifting should be done at any time of the year, almost at random. This helps to make a permanent impression and for the item to stand out. Remember, many clients are used to receiving token gifts during the holidays but not outside December. You don’t want your gift to disappear into a room full of gift baskets during the holidays. When you send them a gift, say in January, they will undoubtedly appreciate it a lot more because it will be an unexpected surprise. Moreover, business gifts are intended to show your customers your appreciation of their business all year round, not only when the year comes to an end.

Personalised gifts

Do not make bulk orders of gifts and send them all to your s clients. For example, imagine you’ve ordered about 40 similar wine bottles and sent them to all your corporate clients, even those that don’t drink wine. While such a gift may have been sent with good intentions, it may not achieve its purpose and even end up damaging the existing relationship. Determine your recipients’ likes and hobbies, and get customised corporate gifts in Singapore that are more meaningful to them.

For example, you can choose to customise the gift item with the name of the recipient. Alternatively, you can etch the recipient’s favorite quote or motto into the gift, just to show how much you know them. Avoid generic polo t-shirts or umbrellas with your company logo. Make it about them. This might take extra time, effort and resources, but the whole effort is meaningless if you overlook this important detail. Therefore, either personalise the corporate gift or don’t get it at all.

Beautiful presentation

If you are going to buy a gift for your business clients, then it doesn’t hurt to spend a little more on gift-wrapping and packing. The packaging of the gift is as important as the gift itself. Many businesses overlook their gift packaging to cut on costs. Of course, cutting costs in some areas is a laudable business strategy, but gift packaging isn’t one of them. Remember, how you wrap and package your gift sends a loud and clear message of how much you value your clients. A beautiful gift packaging is an investment to your business, not just another expense. It is meant to cement your brand in the minds of your clients.

Make a good impression with your gift wrapping by using stickers, stamps, and other items that are branded with your company name, logo or vision on them. Such items can be printed en mass at a cheaper cost and then simply etched to common gift packaging, thus saving on costs without sacrificing the ingenuity of the packaging.

Buying wholesale corporate gifts in Singapore is also another option for corporate gifting. While some gifts might seem ridiculously boring, customising them will add a personal dimension to them and help your client remember it better.

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