Umbrellas have existed for centuries and have been improved on with modern and old technology throughout history to protect us from the rain, snow and sunny weather conditions. This makes the umbrella a convenient and practical accessory for anyone to have, which makes it a popular choice to be used as a promotional product for any corporate branding needs.

If you’re looking for wholesale, bulk or personalized umbrellas at a cheap price, we offer some tips to help you find the perfect umbrella in Singapore which suits your needs best.

  • Classic

Classic umbrellas are the most common type of modern foldable umbrella. It is usually made of metal polyesther shafts as a durable material to withstand the rain. It also comes with a crook handle that makes it easy to carry on your wrist and hold onto in windy weather conditions. Classic umbrellas are more commonly available in wholesale and bulk options at cheap prices.

  • Foldable

Foldable or collapsible umbrellas have a compact size and are small enough to keep them in your handbag. Because it is lightweight, it can be easily carried around to almost anywhere including for your travel overseas. It can always leave you prepared so any surprise showers or drizzle won’t dampen your day.

  • Personalized

Some umbrellas can be personalized depending on what you need. Some prefer their umbrellas to have a touch of their personality such as their favourite artwork, colour,  famous quote and even their own photos. You can also easily customize a choose design for your personalized umbrella in Singapore that can serve as a special and meaningful gift.

Umbrella is a handy accessory for most people to have. No matter your choice of umbrella, investing in the right one can help to protect you come rain or shine.

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