Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Singapore

Perhaps you have already decided to express your gratitude to your employees and clients or to sponsor a corporate event. After looking at your collection of pens and notebooks with various company logos, you decide to give out corporate gifts that are more exciting and unique than those ubiquitous items.

Further down this line of thought, you find yourself stumped. What is a gift that showcases your company’s values, suits the occasion, is unique and useful, and would not put a serious dent in your finances?

Here at Wholesalegifts.com.sg, we understand that it may seem daunting to come up with ideas for corporate gifts. Hence, we have curated the most interesting corporate gifts ideas that tick all of the boxes above.

Naturally, there are some relevant factors to take into consideration when choosing corporate gifts. Who the gifts are for, the nature of the occasion, where or when the occasion takes place are questions to be kept in mind when deciding.

Here is an example to illustrate: giving a desktop clock with your company’s logo on its face may seem like a fantastic idea. It would hold a permanent position on the recipient’s desk, and he or she would be reminded of your company every time he or she checks the time. However, this is where you must account for the context of the gift. In Singapore, it is a huge no-no to gift a Chinese person a clock, as it symbolises you wish the recipient to have a quicker death.

With that out of the way, here are a few fantastic ideas for corporate gifts.

A mason jar or other organisational product with your company’s name and logo would make a great corporate gift. After all, everyone needs somewhere to place loose items, be it in the office or at home. Stationery, sweets, name cards, even computer accessories can be stored in mason jars. As they can be used for multiple purposes, they are unlikely to be relegated to the bottom drawer. Your company’s logo can be inked onto its body or cover, allowing it to realise the marketing motivations behind corporate gifts.

Polo Tee For Corporate Gifts

Another theme you can follow is a gift that lasts longer than a typical corporate gift. If you are covering a corporate golf event, you could consider giving an indestructible tee. Attend any corporate golf event in Singapore, or elsewhere in the world, and you will receive boxes of balls and packets of tees when you register. As an organiser, consider investing in and giving out higher quality tees. Package them uniquely, and place your company’s logo on both the tee and packaging. Golf balls will be lost, but an indestructible tee will surely be a talking point on the day itself.

Desk calendars are also fantastic corporate gifts. While not everyone will use them, a vast majority of the corporate world would. Calendars with pockets to hold pens will be even better, as they provide a convenient way to take down important dates and deadlines. Calendars are also more likely to secure real estate on a desk than a notebook. Your company logo can be printed on multiple pages of the calendar, making it a great way to gain more exposure for your business.

We believe these are fantastic ideas for a memorable corporate gift. If you are still drawing blanks, we at Wholesalegifts.com.sg are always ready to assist and guide you down the path of creating the best corporate gift for any occasion.