Ways An Employer Can Appreciate His Or Her Staff

May 7, 2019

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If your business is successful, then you should not accredit it to your business prowess alone—give your employees a pat on the back as well. Why, you might ask. Well, if they are the ones who deal with the clients most of the time, they must be doing something right to have the clients coming back again and again.

Some of the ways that you can show your staff that they are important and appreciated can be by:

Giving them extra off days

If you have employees that are dedicated to clients, who are always willing to go that extra mile just to make the customers comfortable and make sure that their complaints are sorted out, you can let them take turns to have some time off to spend with their loved ones. They may really appreciate getting those two or three days off to spend with their families and not worry about having their paycheck deducted. You should organize it in a way that your business will not be affected by their absence.

Give them gift certificates or personalized gifts

You can choose to either get those shopping vouchers or vouchers that they can use to in pampering themselves like going to the spa. If you are able, and have one who has outshines all the rest, then gift them a fully paid for vacation to a tropical destination. You can also give out monetary gifts to the staff, especially if they have met certain targets in the company.

Alternatively, since custom leather wallets have been all the rage for a while now, you can get them a Singapore personalized leather wallet from corporate gift supplier. If not, you can work with corporate gift suppliers in Singapore to advise you on other ways to best reward your staff.

Buy a meal for them

You can book a nice restaurant to take your staff out for a meal. Make it more fun by turning it into a themed dinner whereby they have to dress in a certain way. This will definitely add to the fun. If you are unable to do that, then you can have lunch delivered in the office for them. It can be a simple meal, like pizza or sandwiches with a non-alcoholic drink to wash it down.

Get them gym memberships

Paying for memberships in a work out center may not be a cheap expense for many. You can take the opportunity and reward a few of the people who are really outstanding. They will appreciate such a gesture because it will show that you don’t just think about your company and the profits that you get but also about their health.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t simply get them nice mugs with appreciative writings to show them how thankful you are. You can give away trophies as well. The trophy should have the name of the employee and also the reason they got it. For example, it could be ‘best salesperson of the year’.

These simple things will surely motivate your employees to continue working harder.

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