Ways Business Professionals Could Show Their Thanks

June 19, 2018

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Employees who are appreciated at work feel indebted by the employer. They go out of their way when performing duties. They will even deliver before the scheduled time. The same happens to clients. Customers who feel appreciated will also remain loyal to your brand.

Therefore, showing gratitude to either employees or your clients is a well-thought strategy. It will even beat all your advertising gimmicks. Showing your thanks does not have to involve so much. What matters is your attitude. Appreciating them is one of the most significant ways of nurturing successful relationships.

The best part is that you will reap directly from such an act. Your staff will be more satisfied and serve your customers better. Your customers, on the otherhand, will give excellent reviews on all your social media platforms thus attracting more customers to your company. Creating such a culture in your organisation will complement your other marketing efforts and improve your sales. Explore the following ideas and show your customers and staff that you care.

Show interest in their personal life
Don’t be too selfish. Understand that you work with human beings and not machines. Showing interest in what happens to your employees’ personal life is not unprofessional but a way of enhancing your work relationships. However, do not be too creepy. Maintain the boundaries and your efforts will be noticed. For instance, if your employees have a wedding anniversary or celebrating a significant event, create the time and attend. Make it even better by visiting shops that sells unique corporate gifts in Singapore and buy them a personalised present.

Organise a dinner event
It is not always about work and more work. Take a break from all your official duties and organise a dinner for all your staff and customers. Send your clients a customised invitation card to the diner. Corporate gifts suppliers in singapore can deliver the types of card you require to your clients on your behalf. During the dinner, express your gratitude for the support you’ve enjoyed from both staff and clients.

Offer discounts
It is not always about the money and profits. Though money makes things happen and places that meal on your family’s table, you can go slow on the issue and show your customer you care about them. Offer your loyal customers discounts occasionally. Let them enjoy the same quality of good or services at a reduced price. Before long, the word will spread like bushfire and your sales will shoot high.

Treat them to a holiday
How about a paid holiday for one of your top clients or staff? You can select an exotic beach or resort in Singapore and partner with them. During the holiday craze, surprise that top staff or client with a holiday voucher to one of these hotels. You can even make it better if it is a holiday for two. They can tag their spouse or partner for a holiday. You will enjoy undivided loyalty from them, and they will help market the company. Remember to publicise it as much as possible. Others will work harder to get the same or even better treatment.

Take up menial duties
Once your employees achieve their targets, do not perform a standing ovation for them. That won’t accomplish much. How about playing host? Open your doors to them. Make lunch or dinner for them. You can do it in your office or at home, whichever feels comfortable. Alternatively, you can rent a barbecue pit and get your hands dirty. Let them see you at work and leading the pack. Of course, they can chip in to help. As you work, they will get a chance to interact with the boss at a personal level and open up about any challenges they are facing. You will be more of friends than employee-employer by the end of the lunch or dinner.

Appreciating your staff or business partner does not have to be a complicated affair. The tips above will help you get it right whenever you wish to extend your gratitude to your staff and employees. Do it with the right attitude, and you will enjoy better returns.

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