Ways To Make Your Employees Motivated At Work

July 4, 2019

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Most employees spend the most productive time during the day at their workplace.

It is important to make sure that they feel comfortable in the office even if they are working to earn a salary. You should ensure that they are motivated while working. Doing that will make them concentrate better, thereby increasing your revenue through better productivity.

Some of the ways to do that include:

Creating a balance

You have to keep in mind that the people whom you have employed are fathers, mothers, husbands and wives to others outside the office. There are instances where marriages fail to work out because one spouse is always at work without time to spend with their family. A way to better motivate your employees would be finding a way that they can be at the office during certain hours and letting them go by an appropriate time so that they can go home to their family. If they have to work during the weekends, then find a way to have the employees take turns in doing so, ensuring that everyone has at least one weekend in a month with their families.

An employee who has a well-balanced life will be happy and more productive. If you are selfish and want them in your business premises all the time so that you can increase your profit margin, then they may end up looking for employment elsewhere. This may lead to your company losing people who have the essential knowledge and expertise that could have driven your business up another level.

Openly praise individuals who are astounding

It can be very disheartening to a worker if they are giving their all to your business, only to go unnoticed by you. You should thank and praise them for a job well done in front of their fellow colleagues. This will not only make them work harder but will also make the other employees pull up their socks and aim to be recognized as well. You can give out incentives as well, get cheap corporate gifts to give them, whether it is a day off or a spa gift voucher for them to go and relax. You can have an employee of the month picture hanged for everyone to see. It doesn’t have to be just one person—for instance, after a successful project that everyone contributed to, get them all corporate gifts wholesale as a gesture of appreciation. One great idea is to give them each a personalised leather wallet—a practical gift which they can use daily.

Give them a listening ear

When you are dealing with people, you should make it a habit of listening to them. Even though you own the business, you should consider the suggestions of the workers who deal with the clients on a daily basis. You can have meetings where you and the employees can discuss the challenges they face and the best way to overcome them.

This will show your employees that you truly appreciate what they have to say and what affects them directly or indirectly. You can also motivate them by giving them opportunities to climb up the ladder whenever the chance arises.

Being an employer is like being a mentor in so many ways. You should be prepared to encourage your staff, care for them and even give advice whenever necessary.

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