What to Consider When Deciding on Corporate Gifts

May 8, 2018

Corporate gifts are given to show care, gratitude and appreciation towards your workers, clients or other associates. The availability of retail stores and corporate gift suppliers in Singapore have made it easy to select the perfect present for your customers. However, with the vast array of unique corporate gift idea comes a list of dizzying choices, you will need to know what to consider when picking the best option, depending on the recipients.

Giving corporate gifts to your clients is very essential, and you cannot overlook its importance to a business. It’s an excellent way to create an image for the company and further push the product in the market. When buying presents, it’s always good to remember that the recipient may have different sentiments. You should ensure that your gift has the right message that you want to convey. You can also get on the customers’ right side by offering them what they love. However, as you factor in gifts in your plans, ensure they do not carry a huge budget else, you may end up incurring massive losses.

Before you buy a corporate gift, here are some helpful tips to consider:

Corporate policies

Every enterprise has its own unique set of rules and regulations. Many companies and government organisations also have policies that limit gifts in the corporate world. You should check and ensure that your present doesn’t violate these policies to avoid the recipient giving back the item.

Value of the gift

Besides considering the price of acquiring the award, you should consider how valuable an object will be to the recipient. Knowing what the client values allow you to give customised corporate gifts instead of generic products. The best idea is to call them or visit them and ask them their hobbies, favourite colours and others. Doing this gives you the best idea of what to give them.

Cultural values

Each society has its own beliefs and cultural values. It’s evident that no one likes a gift that contradicts his or her life. That means you need to do in-depth research about the cultural practices of the recipient, to avoid being offensive or rude. It would be very shameful for your present to end up offending someone.

Relationship and intended message

Every gift that your company sends bears a special message to the recipient. Corporate gifts should carry relevant notes and should be in a simple way for people to understand. You also know that awards are an excellent way to promote healthy relations with your company. That is the main why you should always consider the type of relationship you share, before buying the item.


The packing shows readiness to carry out tasks and the effort put into preparing the presents. Therefore equally important as the gift. Don’t be afraid to take time and money to get wrapping paper that reflects the importance of your relationship with the client. You can also take advantage of your creativity to wrap your item beautifully


The means of distribution mainly depends on the size of the object and the location of the recipient. If the gift is small, you can opt to deliver it personally or send it via a delivery service if it’s large. Clients and business associates will always appreciate personal deliveries and allow you to bond with them. It makes your company memorable and subsequently allows you to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Besides the above factors, you can also consider personal issues like age, health requirements and sex, before buying a gift. It is essential to know the desires and preferences of the person you are awarding. You can consider getting unique items and avoid the type of presents that bring bad memories to them. You can also get more reasonable ideas from corporate gift suppliers in Singapore. Keep in mind that promotional gifts are irreplaceable, no matter the industry. They are excited to incorporate as part of your marketing strategy and are very cost effective.

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