What You Need To Know About The Varieties Of Sticky Notes

January 22, 2019

One cannot mention stationeries without this essential item – sticky notes! These notes have been available and useful through ages and even now, despite advances in technology and communications. Sticky notes have been a choice in offices, homes, schools, personal studies and for everyone who is interested in being highly organised. They are greatly useful tools for self-organisation and for passing messages or reminders from one person to another.

For personal studies, the sticky notes can be used to make notes in school books, write keywords for last minute preparation for examinations etc. In the house, they can be placed on cables or food containers for appropriate labelling and as reminders too. They can also be pasted on walls especially for foreign language learners to help their memory of the language and the notes also serve as excellent to-do list managers.

These notes come in different colours, sizes and shapes hence, the need to learn about the available varieties of sticky notes so you can make the right choices when buying them.

Since there are lots of sticky note varieties, we will learn about the ones which are the favourites for many.

  • Magnetic Sticky Notes – The first variety is the magnetic sticky notes. We all know that the conventional sticky notes adhere to certain surfaces because of its glue, but magnetic sticky notes cling to almost any surface because it uses static charge.
  • Flower Sticky Notes – The second type is the conventional and most common ones you may find in many offices. It comes in about four colours (yellow, pink, blue and purple) but can come in more too. They are really great to work with.
  • Post-It Electric Super Sticky Note – Post-it electric super sticky note is another beautiful note to behold. Just like its name, it is super and convenient for use. There is a special sticky note which is waterproof and can be worn around your wrist or arm. It is known as the
  • List-It Sticky Note – You can go around doing your water-related activities while still monitoring your schedules and plans for the day.
  • Leaf-It Sticky Note – The last variety we would consider for now is Leaf-it sticky note. These notes are real leaf-shaped, and apart from the numerous uses of sticky notes, these ones add beauty to wherever they are placed. They are available in six different variations.

Another thing about sticky notes is what you need to consider before making any choice.

The first thing is what the notes are intended for. You need to know clearly whether the note is for personal study, office work, household etc. This will influence the next tip which is the cost. It is wise to buy sticky notes according to the intended use as it is not expected to use a costly sticky note as labels for food containers in the house, for example.

The last tip is durability. This factor is highly needed especially in office environments and for school students who use it in their school notes. The notes must be durable and long-lasting which means they must not peel off easily.

In conclusion, you will never go wrong when you follow these tips in purchasing your sticky notes, even as corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore. You can go ahead and enjoy the advantages offered by this set of stationery items.

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