Wholesale Sticky Notes

Using sticky notes is a fun way of organizing. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and designs that appeal to everybody. You can buy various sticky notes in Singapore in bulk quantities and enjoy wholesale prices, especially if you are stocking up on your stationery supplies for office, school and home.

Here are some ways to use sticky notes effectively:

Use when brainstorming.

Using sticky notes is a great way to gather ideas, whether for use in an office meeting, teaching tool or as a classroom activity. Since they are self-adhesive, they are flexible to be passed around and arranged on desks, walls or whiteboard.

Use for reminders.

Organize your to-do list with sticky notes so you have a visual representation of your thoughts and ideas. Keep important reminders in sight by sticking them somewhere prominent like on your computer monitor, fridge, or dresser mirror.

Study more effectively.

Label pages or passages in your books without permanently leaving a mark. You can also write some keywords or phrases when you review. Quickly scribble down vital notes and reminders and stick it on a page as a bookmark for you to refer to again.

Designing your planner

Make your planner more colorful and visually appealing by using different designs of sticky notes. Cut them out to a smaller size and doodle on them to brighten up the pages.

Other Fun and Clever Uses

You can use sticky notes as an art medium for mosaics, origami, or other creative art works. Use its self-adhesive ends to catch dust or even glitter. There are endless possibilities for this versatile office item.

Sticky notes are an essential tool for any office, study area, classroom or anywhere else. You can easily get your sticky notes in bulk at wholesale prices in Singapore.