Why Brooches Can Be A Great Corporate Gift

In the professional corporate world, gift-giving is an art form that could also affect business. At the workplace, sometimes gifts are exchanged between employees and their bosses and vice versa, to foster better business connections. Also, corporate events usually have corporate gifts given out to the attendees. Choosing a corporate gift wholesale provider in Singapore is an excellent method to ensure you have the right gifts. In this case, that gift will be brooches.

What Are Brooches

A brooch is an adorning piece of jewellery created to be fixed to clothing, especially to symbolise or represent a particular image. The materials from which it is made from include metals like silver or gold, but it can also be crafted with alloys. They are regularly adorned with enamel or gemstones and may be worn as statement jewellery pieces. Sometimes, they serve a practical purpose, to hold a piece of fabric or clothing in place for an outfit.

Types of Brooches

  • Fibula – a Roman-era ornamental clasp that wears primarily used to hold clothing together. They also symbolised status, class, ethnicity, and significance of the wearer, especially important military or political personnel.
  • Hair & Portrait – popular during the Victorian era, this brooch was used by women as keepsakes for loved ones, both living or dead, as a memento. They would incorporate real hair and weave it together with clasps to hold it in place.
  • Bow – the bow brooch has a bow or knot motif symbolising love, and is normally decorated with gold and a combination of gems
  • Jewelled – a stunning and elaborate style of brooch that places emphasis on opulent gems incorporated into it. It’s highly popular as a decorative accessory for women’s clothing.

Brooches As Gifts

In the corporate world, gift-giving can enhance a company’s image or develop a good business network in a particular industry. A brooch might be seen as an unconventional gift item especially in this day and age, but a regal and good-quality ornate brooch might impress your corporate partners. Choosing the styles of the brooch is an important process then because the right style projects a certain image of the gift-giver. For business, perhaps choosing the Fibula style of brooches would be perfect as they can be designed to reflect the logo of corporate companies, and be decorated with precious gems or brilliant diamonds.

A brooch adds an air of regality and sophistication to any outfit, be it an expensive suit or a blouse. It’s a great corporate gift option as it doesn’t have to be a highly-expensive one, but rather, one that is unique and preferably customised to convey a specific intention. As a company gift for a large number of employees, a brooch can be made from sturdy alloys and designed with non-precious metals, so it can still be a dazzling gift. Consult a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore to personalise brooches as gifts and mass-order to get a discount.

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